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additional info: He never gave me an address otherwise id do that.. and i dont really want to send 70 bucks considering i dont have it... id rather do your plan and keep 70 dollars worth of parts, and sell the others. if he ever replies, ill give him ... more »

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Well, before i got my new bike, i parted out my old bike. This kid (who shall remain nameless for now) bought some stuff off me. He bought 120 dollars worth in parts. The deal originated on the 13th of July. He said he couldn't send it all at once and ... more »

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bump for sexyness

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My BSD hub sounds sexy as fuck.. but its not obnoxiously loud. Usually stock hubs are really quiet..

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look at that back end... 14.75 anyone?

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Frame: Verde Cartel Kiraly Bars: Verde Cartel 2 Forks: Sunday Morning 2 Stem: Cult Mind Control Headset: Odyssey Grips: Fly Ruben Seat: Shadow Solus Mid BB: Kink Cranks: Stolen Team 2's Pedals: Fly Ruben Sprocket: Amber 25t Wheelset: FRONT: Raptor to

... more »

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photo doesnt work bro

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i didnt have a bike for a month, it made me realize how much dumb shit i bitched out on. now i got my new bike and i dont hesitate to go bigger and bigger

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use the search bar next time, and the vex. get the 2012 model too.

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but the best part about that bike is that i earned it. i got the frame for my birthday,and my dad pitched in 100 bucks, but the rest of the money was mine. and it came out to around 1200 to 1400.

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i finished my custom 2 days ago, took it to the skatepark, and learned like 7 tricks that i could never do with my other one. i WAS riding a 20 inch frame so i really needed to get something new... i saved up and decided to just build the whole thing ... more »

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i know haha whatever. also, is it weird to say that me penis enjoys that bike more then that women?

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your all fucking whipped bitches. i do what i want whether she likes it or not.

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do it you wont

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i dont really give a shit what my girlfriend thinks about me posting her on here... lol

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i love the sticker on the front of that frame. for those who didnt know, lago means lake, mantana means mountain, pantera means panther, tierra means land, and luna obviously means moon haha

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i really like both the girls you guys posted... the semi asian yet not ugly squinty eyed asians.

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i just realized her face is a little weird looking in this... i was mainly concentrating on the more important aspects of the photo. But fyi to anyone looking, her head doesnt sit 3 inches back on her neck, nor does she have 19 chins.