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your all fucking whipped bitches. i do what i want whether she likes it or not.

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do it you wont

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i dont really give a shit what my girlfriend thinks about me posting her on here... lol

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i love the sticker on the front of that frame. for those who didnt know, lago means lake, mantana means mountain, pantera means panther, tierra means land, and luna obviously means moon haha

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i really like both the girls you guys posted... the semi asian yet not ugly squinty eyed asians.

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i just realized her face is a little weird looking in this... i was mainly concentrating on the more important aspects of the photo. But fyi to anyone looking, her head doesnt sit 3 inches back on her neck, nor does she have 19 chins.

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ive been using like 90% arms bro... thanks haha

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i definitely posted a title to this thread... this was totally by accident but at least no annoying little kids are gonna come spamming this shit haha and thanks everybady

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click refresh so its not in theater mode, save picture URL, you know the rest.

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Not to be a weight whore or anything, but this ones 100 pounds ;D

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holy shit talk about Hitler's perfect person! lol @Spenlard: you look older in the 6th grade then you do now

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I got some ripppppin flow. and btw thats Grizzwald on the left... haha

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just put another stem under your other stem for style points.

Reply to lololol stupidest commercial in awhile. 7/23/2011 12:41 PM

do they fuck on the first date?

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is winter even a season in long beach? lol whats the temperature get to around then?

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some of there stuff is pretty cheap, but some of it is outrageously expensive for no reason. ie there rims

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Sorry guys, I'm American. I understand your point, but this is what i'm into. No hate necessary