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ive been using like 90% arms bro... thanks haha

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i definitely posted a title to this thread... this was totally by accident but at least no annoying little kids are gonna come spamming this shit haha and thanks everybady

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click refresh so its not in theater mode, save picture URL, you know the rest.

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Today i fell in love with riding trails. I usually dont, because im awful at them. im pretty much bad at anything to do with pumping... ie: trails, airing quarters, vert ect. But its wickeed fun. Any tips on airing/pumping better?

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Not to be a weight whore or anything, but this ones 100 pounds ;D

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Lets see em boys. Your biggest crush or girlfriend. Or latest hookup. Just girrrlls.

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holy shit talk about Hitler's perfect person! lol @Spenlard: you look older in the 6th grade then you do now

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I got some ripppppin flow. and btw thats Grizzwald on the left... haha

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just put another stem under your other stem for style points.

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do they fuck on the first date?

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is winter even a season in long beach? lol whats the temperature get to around then?

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some of there stuff is pretty cheap, but some of it is outrageously expensive for no reason. ie there rims

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Give me some of his best work.

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Sorry guys, I'm American. I understand your point, but this is what i'm into. No hate necessary

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i believe you set up the equation as so after dividing, whit X being the denominator of the of the offset of the forks.

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i like how you completely ignored everything i said and STILL have no comprehension of things such as periods, excluding the one that you are obviously currently in the middle of.

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insomnia is linked with depression. So if you don't suffer from depression, then chances are, you don't have insomnia. Other then that, I've been having the same problem. Mines far worse and was linked with depression, but still its fucking annoying, ... more »

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i hate people that call stuff gay, retarded, or shit like that. And 99% of the people on this website are guilty of it. Why do you call things gay? It doesn't make any sense and you sound like your lacking in many critical brain cells if you do. Same ... more »

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Don't call someone retarded if a.) you don't know how to use any punctuation b.) you can't spell a few simple words or c.) (and this is a big one) DON'T call someone RETARDED if you can't even spell it right.