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i believe you set up the equation as so after dividing, whit X being the denominator of the of the offset of the forks.

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i like how you completely ignored everything i said and STILL have no comprehension of things such as periods, excluding the one that you are obviously currently in the middle of.

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insomnia is linked with depression. So if you don't suffer from depression, then chances are, you don't have insomnia. Other then that, I've been having the same problem. Mines far worse and was linked with depression, but still its fucking annoying, ... more »

Reply to Do we have any Gay riders on here? 7/21/2011 10:53 AM

i hate people that call stuff gay, retarded, or shit like that. And 99% of the people on this website are guilty of it. Why do you call things gay? It doesn't make any sense and you sound like your lacking in many critical brain cells if you do. Same ... more »

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Don't call someone retarded if a.) you don't know how to use any punctuation b.) you can't spell a few simple words or c.) (and this is a big one) DON'T call someone RETARDED if you can't even spell it right.

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nope.. you just stay in the loop and your bike falls on the ground... i dont even know how you could drop the bike on yourself...

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no dumbass, we are talking about headtube and downtube angle, therefor it would be the cosign of the headtube angle and downtube divided by the length of the top tube and cross multiplied by the offset of the forks.

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theyre more expensive. so obviously if you spend more money, you get cooler shit. AKA the P on the hub. No other hub has that! makes it run way more smooth.

Reply to Cranks... 7/20/2011 6:29 PM

i got stolen team 2s for like 110.. if theyre still in stock on dans, theyre mad cheap, nice, and there pretty much the same thing as the 2.5s

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jeaans skinny, like a squidwaard.

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my favorite part was when the lady was taking bong rips through a gas mask and talking to dead people. But thats just me.

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Every day is haloween for Bonedeath and lady gaga...

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that kid shreds so hard...

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it wasnt that scary to me... it was good, and freaky. but other then that, the plot got stupid RIGHT when the movie was at climax. fell asleep easier after watching tha movie then i have been other nights. lol and i watched it at 2...

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you literally post a new thread every day


nobody wants your stock shit

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im getting the iPhone 4... its indestructible? like is it really strong at all? cuz people break that shit like there pencils. lol until then, this is what i got....

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i live in Newburyport MA. its like 30-40 minutes from Rye and i go there all the time. its sweeeet. and i might go to the hopkintonpark too if its as gnarly as you say it is