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If you plan on grinding and its also a plus for running a slammed rear end

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🤔 whats wrong with repping bike companies I support

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What size top tube

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Stolen for sure! the other two are over priced junk, 2019 and still using pinch bolt cranks GET OUTTA HERE!

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Probably have 🤣

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Trust me i am an engineer Hahaha!

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🤔 Go back to New York

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Ive seen the fuse 75s they’re well made but i would suggest the 125s if you hold off i am ordering some to test out and should have them some time next week if all goes well

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🤔 what cult/volume “And this is why I’ll have to get a Laird frame next so I won’t have to deal with a frame thats made half ass asf”

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Do you even know how to manual?

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I don’t think ive ever read something so retarded in my entire life 😂😂😂😂

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that's not true at all longer the back end the more manuals feel like crap almost if theres an imaginary brake being hit all the time forcing the front end down

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I would suggest jcpc pedals or eclat ak pedals, ive seen those magnesium pedals exploded into piece from barely hitting the ground before Also would suggest a different stem because kink products suck And definitely do not get those tires they are a ... more »

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How long? And damn you let your bike sit for 15 years lol

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Its 2019 dude lmfao quality should be at new highs