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Reply to jeans caught in chain solutions ? 9/16/2014 7:17 AM

Vans skinny jeans only thing I wear

Reply to Worst Frame Ever Made 9/16/2014 6:58 AM

Haha thats awesome xD

New thread i grabbed this up for $100 9/16/2014 6:56 AM

Its a mirraco and only issue is the seat post bolt broke off so I need to get it out some how and buy a new one, I was surprised when I looked the bike up cause its definitely a steal for a hundred bucks, came with aftermarket kink wolf bars and I hooked

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Reply to Worst Frame Ever Made 9/16/2014 6:46 AM

S&m Randy Brown is one of the worst frames ive ever owned, not to mention the false advertising on their website saying it works great with 25/9 and a half link chain, that shit was hanging off the end of the drop outs

Reply to Odyssey antigram with daily grind infinity guard 8/17/2014 11:35 AM

They aren't to bad the v1s definitely slid a lot better though

New thread hooked my brother's bike up 8/17/2014 10:41 AM

I couldn't find the bike check I did on this so im posting this here Hooked it up with my Madera stem with some ti bolts for the handle bars clamping area, some jcpc pedals and Odyssey sand bars Finally got it to pull up like a regular bmx bike

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Reply to Odyssey antigram with daily grind infinity guard 8/17/2014 10:25 AM

I'll have to try that when I get a new frame, female drop outs (black hole drop outs) didn't turn out as great as i thought they'd be, having to take the bolts all the way out every time is very annoying haha

Reply to Odyssey antigram with daily grind infinity guard 8/17/2014 8:26 AM

Depends on the frame and if you are using both daily grind guards, because the dsg doesn't work with a lot of frames if you run the wheel slammed because the base of the guard is ridiculously big and tends to sit on the chain stay and seat stay welds ... more »

Reply to Standard byke top load 8/17/2014 8:03 AM

Empire hooked me up with this photo they only had two left in two different shades of purple definitely going with the lighter colored one And I'll try to stick around and keep posting stuff ive been busy getting my life together working a lot, I swear

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New thread Odyssey antigram with daily grind infinity guard 8/17/2014 7:53 AM

Figured I would post this up in here so more people know its compatible incase you haven't seen the repost they have on instagram xD works perfect no extra washers needed

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New thread Standard byke top load 8/16/2014 7:44 AM

Does anyone have a picture of this stem in purple, I was thinking about buying it off empire but wanted to make sure it will match up with my color scheme

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Reply to BSD Back Street Pro cassette hub, true 14mm female version! 8/16/2014 7:07 AM

Hey look its the hub im gonna buy (:

Reply to Opinions on Weed! 4/6/2014 7:18 AM

I have no problem with it, can't St,and the people that think there cool for smoking it though, although 90 percent of those people are on drugs as well and listen to Wiz k and other garbage rappers Canabis is good for a lot of reasons, the government ... more »

Reply to Look at this loser 3/31/2014 7:58 AM

Exactly, it's all about bringing in satanic garbage, like seriously how can you claim to be atheist but those are the kinda clothes your gonna make, get real

Reply to Look at this loser 3/31/2014 7:52 AM

The fact that I'm not racist anymore is what pisses me off, he's bringing crap up from way back, now there's probably a bunch of people people that think I'm some racist piece of crap, like what if my soul mate was some pretty black gurl and she seen ... more »

Reply to Daily Grind Infinity Guard 3/25/2014 1:25 PM

Buying it

Reply to Daily Grind Infinity Guard 3/25/2014 11:30 AM

Do you think it would fit the Odyssey antigram with no spacers

Reply to apologizing 3/23/2014 5:53 AM

Best female rider I have ever seen

Reply to most pro riders ride 20.75? 3/20/2014 7:46 AM

The only person I can think of that got strength from their hair was Samson

Reply to Freecoaster Haters 3/20/2014 7:40 AM

I like pedaling backwards