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Madera Mast 48mm reach

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no man, i wouldn't just "bang" some lady, that would be committing adultery, and yes she is apart of the satanic cult that runs the music industry my turn! What section of the forum is this? How is your question related to my thread?

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not everyone that puts that on their bike does that, ive notice allot of people doing it because they think it makes them look cool kinda like the people that buy obey garbage, they have no idea what they are supporting all they can think about is how ... more »

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honestly just curious, no need for arguing

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hahahaha this thread is ridiculous

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why would you put 666 on your bike???

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I would go with odyssey pegs, or maybe the new g-sport van pegs, other wises any pegs on the albes web site gum grips are pretty awesome depending on what brand you get, sunday have some pretty nice ones and so does proper bikes i have no idea who that ... more »

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considering i had a primo remix and it skipped constantly i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, i have no idea what this Dartmoor sector v2 is ill have to take a look at the specs for it

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well i went ahead and purchased the K.I.L frame

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manual to one footed can was sweet

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i need to make more how to's

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Them all black ones are definitely my next pair of shoes thank you for sharing this

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I had a feeling those would snap right there

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YOU DO NOT NEED MEDICATION FOR ANYTHING NO ONE SHOUD EVER BE PUT ON PILLS!!! thank God your mother is against that crap, I got put on a drug Called riddlen and it made me a zombie, I was on it 1st threw 3rd grade only during school days and it took me ... more »

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Stoked I'm gonna get both hollow and non hollow variations, the master link allen key system is gonna make things so much better considering I always ride my wheel slammed won't have to take the cranks off anymore haha

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Yes I'll be making them when I can, feel free to pm or comment my profile with how to requests

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I'm trying to sell it as a combo cranks sprocket bearing and pedals (odyssey JCPC banned bud saw 25t primo 22MM

pm me for a price
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So many good answers on here hmm, I'd say a standard STA (stronger than all) would be a great choice or get the terrible one barcode would also be a good choice