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emailed about the polished enduro stem

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if no one else wanted that animal stem and its still available, I'll take it

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S&M ATF 22
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Used the quarantine to finish building a new S&M 22 inch ATF It's been great for my old ass to cruise around the block Frame: S&M ATF 22" wheel 22.125" tt Fork: Fit 22, off a Fit series 22 complete Bars: S&M Perfect 10 Grips: S&M Hoders

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The Taj or the Sunday are the best choices I think. They come with all the chromoly parts you want and quality component parts. You'd be happy with either of them.

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check out they'll be able to answer all these questions

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dope you can text me at 4I2259OI3l

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I'm interested in the shadow chain and tool. what kind of condition is the chain in? has it been stretched or is it decent?

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I have a like new S&M 22" ATF in the 22.125 tt length for $350. I can post pics if interested.

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S&M TALL BOY 21.5"
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you're really good at the custom paint stuff, mind sharing your process?

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i'm interested in the s&m seat and post. will you do $35 for the seat and long johnson?

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Sick color work man. How many parts did you have to paint yourself? They all match really well for a custom job.

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Looks good man. Dig those old school decals too! How does that BB conversion thing feel? Can you notice any thing different about it? I've never seen those and didn't know they had them.

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I'd be interested in hearing your review of the vandal rim. I read that whatever they did to the coating is supposed to make for incredible stopping power but I haven't heard from anyone with first hand experience yet.

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Custom S&M
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this is a dope build man, love it

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dang you're only 9 years too late, almost so close

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Looks pretty good so far. I'd probably suggest just buying a new stem instead of forcing the bolts in though. Stripping the bolts would cause strength and integrity issues and the stem is a pretty important area to keep you from taking a header into ... more »

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