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Added reply in a thread Stolen bikes 4/26/2007 3:09 PM

then the score also comes with a differnt rear wheel to i think but ya there isnt a ton differnt.

Added reply in a thread rim problems... 4/12/2007 9:38 PM

its going to be hard to be cheap and get a good back wheel because the cheap ones are single walled and crap the cheapest thing you could probably do is buy a new rim and have your local shop build it with your old hub and you will probably need some ... more »

Added reply in a thread breaks or no breaks 4/11/2007 3:11 PM

i like both i really started to like brakless other then when little kids cut you off at the park but my dad said if he caught me with out breaks again he would cut my bike in half so i had to put them back on

Added reply in a thread Maxxis Holy Roller - Legit on Street? 4/6/2007 3:13 PM

i like the odyssey path tire it rules its high psi for the street and good grip and i havent once popped a tire in it as long as you keep the pressure up.

Added reply in a thread Your favorite cranks? 4/2/2007 9:13 PM

wow you just dropped like over 300 in 3 parts haha

Added reply in a thread Your favorite cranks? 4/1/2007 9:30 PM

fly makes good quality shit but so does shadow i own stuff from both companies and i like flys stuff but a lot of it is so expensive where shadow has a lot more little stuff that is quality and cheaper.

Added reply in a thread Your favorite cranks? 3/31/2007 12:10 PM

you know what for the price of either of them they better be good and i cant really say anything about either of them because i havent ridden them but i saw someone at the park the other day with the fly cranks and they looked hella sick and they guy ... more »

Added reply in a thread Crooked Sprocket 3/28/2007 12:38 PM

probably from grinding and you hit it to much so it bent. and things like that happen even if it was only 3 months. thats like saying man this bike tube i just bought that sells everywhere just popped on me and i've only had it 2 days. Shit happens. ... more »

Added reply in a thread street vs park vs trails 3/20/2007 5:29 PM

all of them have there own special qualities street you have to be more creative and imaginative where park you have things just set up for you and you just need to flow the park a few times and then bust your shit out and trails is fun if there are ... more »

Added reply in a thread wheels 3/19/2007 5:12 PM

i bent my sun rhino lite xl or whatever and now im looking at a midway because its not too much and it sounds pretty strong.

Added reply in a thread HELP!!! 3/7/2007 12:59 PM

well like if you like to wheely and manual a lot then the smaller sproket helps a lot i had a 44/16 then got a 36/13 and i like it so much more and i cruise a lot to but i want to go even lower

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Shadow Conspiracy Attack Stem



Added reply in a thread pedals 2/25/2007 8:21 PM

hoffmans new sole mates dont look bad and there cheap.

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Added reply in a thread HB Rythym 2/19/2007 4:49 PM

ya i almost really wish i would have gone for a stolen but i went for a local bmx shop bike so i didnt have to worry about shipping and all that but they are sick bikes.

Added reply in a thread Anthony Napolitan Wedge-to-Wedge Front Flip 2/19/2007 4:46 PM

i didnt even know he was doing frontflips

Added reply in a thread HB Rythym 2/18/2007 9:18 PM

i dont personally have one but when i was looking for a new bike i was really considering it because hoffman makes good stuff the only thing that turned me off some is that so much of it is hoffman parts but it still looks like a good reliable bike.