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Hey, thanks for the comment. I don't think black is back. This frame came in raw but I didn't like the green stickers. So I just went all black with the rest of the parts. I'm diggin the subtlety of it. I prefer SS brakes since there is more room to work on the brakes, but more importantly, I had to get a bigger sprocket so there would be more room in between the chain and the brakes. This caused me to get a larger cassette too, which is VERY difficult to find. All this could have been avoided with SS brake bosses. The Cult TRF has SS bosses, and the United TRU frame can come with either!!! I will never buy a frame with CS bosses again!

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Please, Please, Please get ezra to offer separate aftermarket drivers available in other sizes.
I want to try this coaster out, but cant run any rear drivers under 11T

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