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Fit ed bars or S&M grand slam XLT either one has lifetime warranty you would want to get bars with lifetime warranty on them like odyssey as well because bars will tend to bend way more because of falls etc etc

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defected frame FIT those make good frames though but hey like every other company some frames and parts are defected send it in and get another one stop CRYING when you have lifetime warranty on it... They want light frames and parts but don't expect ... more »

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all parts break but especially eastern with here lighting rod tubing which is very terrible design but I blame the RIDERS who ARE WEIGHT WHORES IF YOU CANT LIFT UP A 25LB BIKE YOU SHOULDN'T BE RIDING AT ALL YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK KIDS!!!

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Cool thanks yea because it is really tight and when I pedal back it doesn't make you know that regular hub sound that's how tight the chain is but if it gets stretch out soon that will be nice.

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Question I just slammed my wheel with this chain I have another shadow v2 chain as well but decided to use the new one so I slammed my wheel using a 13.55 rear end on my S&M Tony Cardona and I am using a 25-9 gear ratio I put on the old shadow half ... more »

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the hub is similar to the shadow rant v2 so basically its a good hub what makes it good is the 6 pawl inverted design which makes great constant engagement for overall smooth mobility...

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it doesn't matter how loud a hub is as log as its smooth and works without flaws that's the one you want to get... But the loudest though are shadow rant v2 profile mini and primo mix me personally the shadow rant v2 is the loudest but take out the factory ... more »

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WOW!! I haven't been on here in such a long time ha-ha but hey how have you been doing and the last comment you left me was in April of 2009 ha-ha hey you got sponsor cool and how do you like your funday well anyways i am doing alright i haven't been riding much at all especially in the winter now it sucks bad in Chicago ha-ha but yea hit me up sometime do you have AIM?

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Heyy, I have been good. Riding alot.. and I actually just got sponsored by 661. =) plus im entering a video comp. just for girls.. so i have been filming and editing.. this will be my first video =) I got my new Funday about 2 months ago. just added a pic on here.. either way how have you been??

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danscomp if you want fast service but overall both companies are good in service it all depends what location you are at danscomp just has the big variety of part and you can actually see your parts and in every color option as well something that not ... more »

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95% of the clowns on here are losers and posers and love to be internet gangsters the other 5% is just the cool laid back real talk no bullshit people on here lol

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3/8 is really for those profile mini 3/8 hubs and 3/8 i would say only for trails 3/8 wouldn't hold up much in street maybe park but who knows

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stolen easy freecoaster lhd will be out later on this year sometime around September October not 2010 god... this website gives so much false info on stuff.....

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there not free its a mistake lol

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yea i do agree but most of the time its really good stuff i mean all companies come out with bullshit ass frames and parts every once in a while lol

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Sup guys hey I have a question I have a fit blade lite fork and my front wheel is a fly front rim with the fly front hub… now my question is ok I got the G-SPORT GLAND MK 3 HUB GUARD for my front wheel now the problem is it rubs against the inner fork ... more »

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fit frames don't blow what are you talking about lol just the stupid dak that fit came out with with the stupid dropouts they have on it lol