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i lost a post or 1200

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animal lite.

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flat clear

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just do it

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any one of your moms candles will work

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break it and get a free one

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im not caught up in all this shit, i think its funny that people would even care, im sure a few of you guys feel the same

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get some khe dirts..... done

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so j hop is also a bronco

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800 watts rms or 800 peak?

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just practice on a flat rail

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what kicker is it? and what amp are you lookin to run?

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out of those 3 kicker. but there are a TON of better subs...thats my main hobby these days, my system

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mike jones

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your posts are like the only thing i missed on here

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since vital is fucking gay, i'll give this a thing you call a bump