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It couldnt be 13.65 could it? Oh damn it is, i didnt even have to go look, what a surprise. Robbie i love you man, youve done a lot for the sport and i respect that, but how many fit frames have the same geo? Three? Thats interesting, why would three frames have the same geo. Wait i think i figured it out. When little 13 year old kids see that their favorite rider has a new fit frame, they are gonna gobble that shit up. Does it matter that they already have a Dehart with the same geo, no. They have to have a Dak cause he is their favorite (hes mine too). Im not saying fit isnt a good company, they definitley are. Northwests are the best bars ever man, ill ride them for life. I just wanted to say whats this frame shit all about? Do the riders really all want signature frames that bad? Im sure there happy that they get to ride their bikes for a living i know i would be. So why? I think it has something to do with sales? Mabye im wrong. Whatever man, if youwant to flood the market with identical frames go ahead. It seems to be a good buisness tactic. I hope fit realizes that if they are going to stay a respectable company then they cant just mass produce trendy tees and 400$ frames. Lets see some innovation. Take a page out of George French's book. Or fly, those spanish dudes are on top of shit. Cmon show me something i havent seen before.

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They are definitley one of the most innovative companies out there.

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Matt is a really chill guy. The stem looks really good, rather buy tht than the xlt.

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How do companies like this even exist anymore? He talks about 48 spline cranks and a cassette like its brand new amazing technology. When you look at what other companies like fly and odyssey are doing youwonder how can diamondback, haro, redline, se, ect even stay above water?

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where was that park, that place looks fucking sick

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