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I have seen many shops abandon bmx over the years. I work at a LBS in san diego, and i go out of my way to stock as many bmx bikes and parts as is reasonable, because most of our customers are commuters. We put together jams and stuff to promote the ... more »

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it's safe for me to assume that if they make a hub guard for it, it should be peg-worthy...

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Updated bike check 2013 SUBROSA NOSTER- FRESH BUILD 11/23/2013 10:59 PM
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Yes! i have tree moto bars 8.5" w/ 4 degree upsweep, feels real "secure" and "locked in" if you can dig it... having the moto bars w/ a subrosa forever top-loader makes it super stable.

tree bar ends with them is a major bonus! great, lightweight ... more »
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if you have your chain on TOO TIGHT, it may cause this. Also, if you are putting ANY fresh half-link chain on a well used driver/ sprocket, you will wear them out faster. I have found installing the chain with a fresh sprocket always helps, also when your driver teeth are totally pointy, the driver should be replaced. Hope this helps!

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i have the Mutiny Lifted frontload v2, it puts my 8.5 bars EXACTLY where i want them, and in 3 months has not come loose yet. If someone tells you that you need a lighter stem, they are weight weenies and should be racing instead of freestyling!

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solid complete!


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it weighs 25lbs! if you think thats heavy, you have never ridden a 90's bike! I dont own this model, i have a WTP trust, and with all my upgraded parts it is barely under 25 lbs. it is light enough and plenty tough- besides, lighter bikes with sealed hubs etc COST MUCH MORE!

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you will have better luck next time if you get the shadow INTERLOCK CHAIN TOOL, Or if your local shop doesnt have it, they should have a Park tools commercial grade 1/8 pitch tool. pretty much everything else wont work (as you noticed)

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there was a ton more cool stuff at that booth... there was an original 2-hip pork frame and a dirt bros took me til the second day of the show to notice an entirely chrome plated old school redline on top of the booth too... i mean EVERYTHINGK- frame fork rims gyro bars- all of it gold!

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