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Anybody ever injured their peroneal tendons? I've got a small split tear in my peroneus longus on my left ankle. Had a bad heel impact about a month ago. Couldn't hardly walk the day of the injury, now I can walk and jump a little but still have pain ... more »

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Hell fuckin yeah they matter. Listen to my story: I've been riding in some minimalist running shoes for awhile. Why? Because every time I bail off the back of the bike I hit the ground in a way when my feet engage well and I feel like I run less risk ... more »

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I crashed through my heels last week super hard. I was doing a hop manual to fat bunny out but I lost control and bailed. Turns out I hurt my peroneal tendons, which run down the side of your foot under and in front of the ball of your ankle. It hurts ... more »

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I have arthritis in my left ankle. The best shoes Ive ever ridden in are MERRELL running shoes. Yes. They are called Bare Access shoes and are basically minimalist running shoes. They take impact, they're not bulky and don't tip over if you land sideways. ... more »

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Sup old guys, I read that Cory Martinez had a microfracture in his knee and he's still riding. I had one in my ankle. Basically I tore away some of the cartilage and they repaired it by drilling into the bone underneath. Only problem is that now I've ... more »

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First, tabletops and stabbing your stomach with the side of the handlebar. How the fuck do I not do this? Secondly, I have a TSG Superlight Helmet and it makes my head look like an eggplant. What's a certified helmet that does not make you look like ... more »

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Honestly my meniscus area gets a bit sore after street riding. I think it is from landing from big bunnyhops. However, I can say that my knee cap also cracks with I'm shimmying around in a long manual. My problems aren't too terrible yet, but I can foresee ... more »

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Yep no doubt I do all that and it works to some degree. I'm mostly wondering if other rides have this experience in common with the front leg blowing up. Cheers

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The quest: being able to ride forever. The reality: things start to hurt Specifically I get problems in the knee of the leg that I ride forward on the pedals. Hurts like the dickens and the muscles of said leg are also vastly tighter that my rear-pedal ... more »

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My buddy Durham Local is getting back into BMX, in a big way. He's 6'5'' 240lbs. Back in the day he had a Volume Dinosaur 21'' TT. We're currently on the hunt for his new rig. I think he needs a 21.5 tt. Thoughts? He always wants a longer back end. Price ... more »

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You'll air coping quickly, but it takes time to do it smoothly and get higher. I still can't blast it. Watch the odyssey Tom Dugan how to on airing, it is very specific. Pump your tires up to 50 or more, get comfortable casing.

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Yeah that sounds pretty lame. Granted, scooter kids will drop in en mass and take up whole sections of park for hours and it can get pretty irritating. The best thing to do is say something, in a decent way. There's always gonna be punks like the kind ... more »

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Has anyone seen this 5 minute video? Tasteful nudity, Miami 1984-ish synthwave tracks, killer camera angles and a shit ton of slow-mo. What do you all think!? I for one am intrigued/skeptical.

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In terms of good experiences I'm one for one with them. I bought a Colony bike last winter and the guys were cool, they always answered when I called, it arrived on time and the price wasn't jacked up in any way. Also the product arrived in mint condition ... more »

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I've got a few more pointers, I hope it isn't unwarranted. I'd spring for a mid or high range complete BMX. Sealed hubs and fully chromoly. I bought a Colony Sweet Tooth '17 and it is amazing. I think they go for 1150 AUD. A mid range option is the Colonly ... more »

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Ha I see that now. In terms of BMX commuting, to be brutally honest 8km is gonna be hard on your knees, especially with some mega hills. Its just the nature of the geometry of these bikes. Sure you'll get away with it for some amount of time, but pedaling ... more »

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Hi I'm a dumb American and here a pensioner usually refers to someone 65 and over who is getting a sum of money every month from their old employer. Is that you? Also, what's your question?

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Steve, X-rays won't usually show hip joint issues. MRI was needed in my case. I too have problems opening my legs with no foot tricks. I have a sharp pain, but not the inflexibility as you describe. Didn't your doc ever recommend an MRI to look into ... more »

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yep those are all good Ambi, agreed. My PT just worked me up, and while it looks like my pain is consistent with torn labrum, she says my presentation is pretty good. I was given glute, hip adductor and abductor exercises as well as hip flexor stretches ... more »

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Not another one of these injury help posts, please! Well here's my story. I've got a torn hip labrum. Thats the joint socket into which the femur sits. It's not a big tear, I've had it for years without symptoms. I just rode for 9 months without hip ... more »

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