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hoang tran

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you must've done it wrong because i've got that same chain and breaker and i can take it off and on with butteryass smoothness

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that's really sick

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you are the chosen one

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you sound like such a tool

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anal sex

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i was going over the spine and i landed in manual and my bike shot out and bounced about 20 feet, my bars nailed a skater in the chest....greatest moment in the 3 times i've road a park

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that's cheap

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i love the kink headset. no problems, had it since june

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i like smaller bars for 180s. and hops! but i was better at manuals and fakies with big bars

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my bike is perfect

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i'm riding my sky highs now time for a new bike check

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zenith really is taking over

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seth you are a funny lad

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