Added reply in a thread Madera guarded sprocket with shadow supreme chain 7/20/2018 12:25 PM

Fits an Eclat A.K Sprocket, Supreme protects the Sprocket the guard is just there to sliiiiide. EDIT: I've seen it clear a Sunday Knox as well

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It's good to hear this, The Helix/Cortex were the only other coasters I'd consider over my Odyssey Clutch V2.

Added reply in a thread Sunday Soundwave V3?!? 7/20/2018 6:55 AM

Welp, It's either this or a Doomsayer Next year. Thank you. I'm surprised they didn't give the Soundwave V3 the 'Excelsior' geo, The only difference is the BB Height-Excelsior has 11.8", Soundwave 11.5". My hops feel so solid and High on my Excelsior ... more »

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You're hallucinating. I said it'd feel BETTER THAN 25T Of course 25T is terrible for speed, I Have one because I use my bike for transit and all these hills in Los Angeles.

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it'd feel more efficient than 165mm w/ 25t It's what Jordan Godwin Rides. Shouldn't feel too bad, You'll pedal in a smaller circle but you'd have no problem picking up speed.

Added reply in a thread does removing stoppers count as modding a spot? 7/19/2018 7:22 AM

If it's a Screw/Crank off, you just need the right fitting (usually a big Male Star fitting) and a ratchet/breaker. The welded ones are 50/50. You can scrape those off either by continually slamming into it/hitting it with a hammer or rock, or keep hitting ... more »

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Forks with Peg bosses always tripped me out. Not saying I don't like them, just weird.
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All about the money man, Doctors have the same "gotta feed my family, pay my rent" mentality-the Hippocratic oath and the good pay is suppose to deter Doctors from thinking that way. But the companies that sell Hospitals the equipment and and the companies ... more »

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Work on your technique, and do Yoga or some type of balance training- it'll help.

Added reply in a thread WATER IN BMX FROM WASHING HELP 7/17/2018 2:37 PM

I've used WD-40 to clean grease and displace water(I still wipe my whole bike down with some after it rains) for years. And I especially use it to clean my chain-I do the same method as WD-40 in a cup, let my chain soak for hour, let it sit on my porch ... more »

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You have to become "back-wheel conscious", like constantly aware and in control of the back wheel. I've figured out you can basically move the bars wherever you wanna throw the front end and as long as it's above the back tire it'll land fine but clearing ... more »

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It's a skatepark obstacle. You get more Kudos when you put your bike on something that wasn't meant to be ridden. EDIT: Yes it counts, but again-more props on unconventional obstacles.

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>When you land a sketchy 180 and feel your tires compress and bounce

... more »
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Scerbo bars /thread

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What's the size on those Thunderbolts?

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This actually isn't bad advice, I live in a sketchy neighbor (not gunshots bad, just lots of bums, hookers and drugheads wondering around) and never get the boot at my local spots. The crackheads and bums love it. Cops rarely cruise the neighborhood ... more »

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That's dope I just started doing rails.

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Yea, If you bring your front end up enough and suck up your legs you won't need to carve.

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Ya gotta suck up those legs and rotate your head and hips

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there are some very solid completes these days, But if price isn't an issue, getting a custom is the way to go. Especially if you already know what specs you want on the bike.