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Angel Restrepo is a Colombian BMX Rider. He's 19 years old and lives in Medellin. In this video you're gonna see him doing some crazy stuff like 360Flips, Flair combos and many other tricks. Though he doesn't have any Sponsors, he enjoys always shredding it with his friends! Music: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar. (C) Alonso-G.M

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I have so many questions I would like you to answer me! Like what do you rather, ET tricks or Fakie combos?, what's your favourite color for frames? would you like to make a tour in South-America? what music do you like to hear while you ride?. But I think that the most important question (at least for me), is: What is the thing that you enjoy most while you ride your bike? (and if you want, PLEASE SAY HELLO TO COLOMBIA!)

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Perrote :D jajajajajajja

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C138x104,38924/Pinilla95,81111 Nice Fastwhips, in the link you can watch "another way" of making them

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Trick created by me! they are other "Fastplant Tailwhips" but I don't really think they count... Music: The Strokes - Last Nite Rider: Santiago Pinilla / Medellin - Colombia

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