Only one more month until Prom. I've never really been the type of chick to ever go to dances. I've always been against the whole dress thing, even skirts. But a lot has changed over the years, Im still not into the whole girly girl thing, but I absolutely love getting dressed up for these types of things. My dress is soo gorgeous! I cant wait to get it this friday. It's of course pink (my all time favorite color) its actually really hot, bright ass pink, it has fake diamonds in the front and in the back. the back of my dress has like a swoop the almost comes down to my ass (thats the only reason i got it) my dated getting an all white suit with my color dress for his vest, its gonna be sick. but now all I have to focus on is getting tan as hell, cause my dress makes me look whiter than ever. I gotta work like mad to get money to pay for everything else (nails, hair, limo, shoes, & some bling) Ill be sure to post a picture for you guys Prom 2010!

I know the shit I post is lame but hey I am a girl and thats what I do and I know ya'll wanna hear about it lol gotta keep my peeps updated

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