so yesterday, I was accused of stealing money from my dad. my dad asked me if i did or not, and i told him i didnt. cause i really did not. so I just kinda brushed it off then I texted my stepmom to see if it was alright if i hungout with my boyfriend after school, and shes like "nope, not til this money situation is figure out cause i know you took the money, so until you fes up you cant see robert (my boyfriend) " and she freaking told me that I couldnt go to my prom. I was like fuck nooo! i told he i didnt fucking do it and she still kept saying that i did, then she was like if you didnt take the money then Robert did. I was like serious, dont fucking accuse me or my boyfriend for this cause we have never been in her god damn room. and then she starts going on about it. I really think she fucking stole my dads money cause my dad accused her yesterday morning and so Im thinking she got herself caught so she came after me. cause she a fucking bitch and hates me. we havent every got along ever since her and my dad got married. I seriously just wanna move the fuck out and leave. i told my like "fuck this. fuck you. fuck the family, Im done!" and thats when he told me to call him. I fucking balled cause Im sick of my stepmom and how my dad is now, hes soo fucking whipped, i cant even stand it. whatever, I dont give a fuck, cause i didnt take my own dads money. they can all fuck off. Im going to prom and Im going to see my boyfriend, I am 18 years old, I can do whatever i want

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