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I'd look at some of SE Racing's stuff.

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I have been thinking a lot of what has already been posted. I watch Foresman and Scotty a lot. Scotty's videos can be unwatchable when Big Boy tries too hard to be funny or when their games veer too far away from riding. The games of bike and add on ... more »

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They should only come in black. I like them but not for $12.40.

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I saw some of the videos. The indoor ramp and airbag is awesome. Are the small quarters in the garage any fun? I have some space to put something short like that, the ceiling is only 7 ft.

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The carb cleaner Chemtool takes off clear coat and leaves what's left tacky. Rub it down with that and spray it with Krylon max using several thin coats. Rattle can paint is pretty good these days. Just don't buy the cheap shit.

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Have a vid of you guys hitting these?

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I walked away from riding on motocross tracks (motorcycles) about 4 years ago when I busted up a foot really bad. Did that for 7 years I think. I didn't like being layed up for 5 or 6 months. My riding got to a level I never planned on going, I'm don't ... more »

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Dietary fat does not cause heart disease. A total cholesterol number on its own means nothing for risk of heart attack.

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Avoid the following, listed worst first. Trans fats, vegetable oil Sugar Wheat That's a start, the real killers most people would agree with regardless of their diet philosophy. Eating halfway healthy as a vegan/vegetarian is difficult and takes some ... more »

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Life's not fair. Fair is a place you ride the Ferris wheel and eat cotton candy. Losers worry about what someone else has.

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I'm 44 and just getting started. You can do this shit as long as you want. People sit on their asses and eat garbage for 20 years and blame their age for be a fat, falling apart piece of crap.

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Beginner rider, the bike is for park riding. Been riding a craigslist bike to get my feet wet before I spend much money. Which bike and why? Are the upgraded parts on the Ross even matter for a newb? Not building a custom. Thanks for any responses.

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Use Crisco. That shit was originally sold to make candles with. They marketed it as food when electricity was becoming available. Do anything with these fake oils just don't eat them. You do know bearing grease costs a buck or to at Walmart in automotive. ... more »

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I'm willing to pay a little more to shop locally but there is a limit. Service is worth money, but I'm not going to get raped on the price or put up with crap service. At some point it becomes charity.

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Thanks for the quick video, I watched it a bazillion times, probably watch it a bazillion more. It looked super clean.

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^^This^^ Not words of a gay guy Crazy, but entertaining.

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That doesn't look like a problem at all.

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I've never had pegs in 35 years+ of riding bikes, trying to learn to grind. When I am not running over my calf with the rear peg, I am smashing my toe in between the ledge and front peg. Are they hazardous after you get used to them being there? I'm ... more »

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Hollow bolts the same size and grade as solid bolts are not stronger. The material making up the "2 concave layers" of the hollow bolt would be there whether the bolt is hollowed or not. Removing material does not keep bolts from pulling apart. The statement, ... more »

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This bolts in a bmx stem have no side load applied to them in the manner you describe. The force applied is pulling them apart. A smaller amount of material being pulled apart is not stronger than more material. Your statement on vibrating forces has ... more »