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חחחחחחחחח תיקנה 2.25 לשניהם דרך אגב זה מקסים עם המנואל.

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someone knows what driver fits the demolition anorexia hub besides the demolition anorexia driver

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odissey hazard lites,odissey aerospace,demolition zero don't buy cinema 777 rims because my shit is stronger

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cult match or gsport rachet

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eclat tibia,fiend,fly dolmen,odyssey thunderbolt,kink pillar

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its true scootreing make you better in bmx i have a freind that he is the best scooter in israel and at the day that he landed 1080 on hes scooter he landed hop 180 barspin on my bike and 540 from the bowl

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shadow demolition fit odissey fly

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front: shadow raptor(i have one) gsport marmoset profile mini eclat pulse madera rear: gsport rachet demolition anorexia demolition rotator shadow raptor shadow btr

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frame:fiend embryo red fork:fiend embryo red headset:kink titanium black stem:fit dld black bars:wtp madmax chrome grips:cult ak black barends:odissey parends black cranks:kink pillar black BB:kink titanium mid 22 black sporcket:fit key guard black chain:cult ... more »