California all the way

After Degroot and Mulville were invited to do a Memorial day demo in Mariposa, California, we decided to extend the trip an extra four days to see how many drained pools we could take advantage of in the area. After getting a couple contacts from Marty at Solano Avenue Cyclery, Waylon at the Compound, and Mike Saavedra, we drove from San Francisco (55 degrees) to Oakhurst/Yosemite (still snow on the ground in some parts) and finally to Fresno (100 degrees) to win some pools, and to lose some. It's amazing to experience those crazy climate changes within a four hour radius, but even more amazing how many abandoned pools you can find that just need a little TLC in order to ride - Each one a little different, each one a gem.

I picked up the camera (most of the time) to document the moving events, Rob Dolecki went along to catalogue some still shots for Dig Magazine. And the four of us zig-zagged across the state to suck up as much riding as possible...visual projects are in the works, but until then, here are some still shots accompanying Degroot's stream of conscience...

"Somehow matt n me were late for the plane. Last ones to board. Sure as shit our bikes won't make it. Shitty way to start a trip. Landed in Atlanta and our bikes were sitting in puddles. At least they made it on our flight. Then who walks up? Good old tangerine Mulville. 5 hour flight with a breakfast burrito percolating. Every person walking by keeps hitting my knee. Leave me alone people. Sleep.

Go right to Solano Ave. bike shop in Berkeley, set up the bikes n eat. Checked out a pool that smelled like a loaded baby diaper. Pretty fun yet pretty hard to ride. Drove for a million hours till 2 am when we get to the Compound. Dialed place that Waylon runs. Such a good set up, nice use of space. Wake up n ride with the kids for at least 5 hours. Good session with mark and the locals. Checked out some huge rails n street in town. Pretty fun just riding some small stuff. Some truck drove by and flipped us off and screams "white power". Get back to the compound and get drinkin. They scared the shit out of me when they pulled out a huge hard case. I thought it was a
gun. Turns out to be a stripper pole. Holy shit, portable pole when u need it. Comes with a stud finder and tape measure. Just need chicks and party time begins.

Wake up n goto Yosemite. If you don't know, go. Grand canyon is cool, Yosemite is the shit. Lots of walking , but everywhere you look was amazing. Thanks Tammy for bringing us out and being an amazing tour guide. So beat, but Waylon and the boys drained a pool for us. Tomorrow should be nuts. Everyone has been way too nice.

This whole trip was for the purpose of riding pools after our compound demo. Shit is looking good, except Mark's ass won't stop making noises.Woke up early but it's worth it to ride the best pool ever. The compound crew spent 8 hours draining it. Wow... Best pool ever aside from mine. Drove to Fresno and cleaned out two of the most disgusting green pools ever. Came back later when the sun baked the goodness into dust. My eyes are filled with mold and algae. My boogers are black so I am sure my eyes have some disease now. Good ass pools with awesome love seats...Road the Fresno SkatePark and almost passed out from heat. Not sure how they do it here, 100 degrees. Starting to bubble outside with no shade anywhere.. Enough sun. Have one last pool to session that is covered. No sun, no problems. 4 hour drive with Mark's metal mix. Holy balls this covered pool is nuts. Got booted pretty quick. Lady was nice, but a shit way to end this trip, Oh well...

Go out to eat n meet up with The Chris Duncan. 40 minutes of him talking into my camera, CDC interview coming soon. Comedy at it's best.

Both my knees are bruised and I don't fit in a plane. Wish I could turn into a midget right now. Good night, or good day.

Thanks to Tammy Hudson, Beau Gaston, Waylon, Andres, Chris, Murphy, Kyle (Oakland), Marty (Solano Avenue), Matt, Dolecki, Mark, all the shops, the Compound, Yosemite, Chris Duncan and Cali for making this an amazing trip, ohh ya , thanks to Starbucks and beef jerky too.

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