a bunch of stolen oleanders

Just got an email from Tony yesterday from the airport in Texas. He's heading out to the UK for an SandM roadtrip and to ride the RedBull Empire of Dirt. If you didn't see the virtual layout, here it is:


Once Tony's back in town, he's heading up to the Belmar Jam in Binghamton and then down to Providence to meet up with Mulville, Saavedra, Conall Keenan, and myself for a little Profile NE trails trip. Providence in the summer?, it couldn't get any bettter.

Profile UK's Levi Rogers had this little web edit floating around youtube. It's not the best quality (but then again youtube sucks that from any video) but the riding is pretty wild. All Bristol, all skatepark, all pirate...

We got the newest issue of Ride UK in the mail yesterday. On top of the loads of wild photos, this full page UGP advert came as a surpise:

Over the weekend, my friend matt and I went and rode this spot below near my house. Across the street is Department store with a bank that has been a normal session spot for us for years. On heading over there after riding the bank to wall below, I laid my camera bag down behind their nursery. I was un-pleasantly suprised when two cops rolled up in their car, jumped out and grabbed me. While restraining me, the other cop went and snatched my bag...to make a long story short, I got harrased by the cops on their assumption that I was "breaking into the nursery." I told them I was thirty one and really had no need for a bunch of stolen oleanders, rose bushes, and decorative palms. Eventually, after making me feel like a complete criminal, they let me go.

I guess it could have been worse.

Photo by Chris Wharton

Have a good afternoon.


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