Dude Man Tour and something's burning

Dude Tour 08 is over, and man oh man, it was wild. Grant and Tracie Mae headed over to Orlando for the Friday events, and Tracie and I went over for the Saturday events. Grant blew it by missing Saturday, but I guess he just hates having fun or something. Anyway...

Highlights included:

The Mesh Skatepark booth. Chad DeGroot, Mark Mulville, Trey Jones, and James Covington were all holding things down there. Mulville was signing autographs with a look on his face like he was getting teeth pulled.

Ladies. Ladies love Dew Tour. They were everywhere. Girls in the audience, girls shilling for companies, girls swarming pro riders, Orlando Magic Cheerleaders, older ladies, younger ladies, they were all in the mix.

Catfish's Public Service Message.

During one of the TV time-outs, the announcer who wasn't Catfish introduced "A very serious, heartfelt message that everyone should solemnly pay attention to." Then Catfish comes on the big screen and starts talking about people who are short and have trouble finding t-shirts that fit. "My grandmother calls me 'her little tiger'". The solution to the problem, of course, was to go to the Dew Tour souvenir tent and get a size "s" t-shirt. Then they ran one of those NBC "The More You Know" graphics.

Chris Doyle.

Any questions? So smooth, so dialed, and he never stopped smiling the whole weekend.

The rest of the riders. Contest riding is contest riding. Who spins the fastest, goes the highest, and does the most tricks in the same run. The level of riding is absurdly high. Cam White throwing bars to tailwhip backflips. Rob Darden is just plain dialed. Dennis Enarson is 17 years old and does triple whips. Pretty much any of the Australians are ridiculously good. What's most amazing about contest riding is the fact that these guys have three runs, and there's five lips/landings on those runs, six if you include the roll-in kicker. They pretty much need to have at least 2 clean runs with tricks on at bare minimum 7 of those 12 chances. And they do massive tricks that require huge commitment and balls. And they pull them, more often than not. Performance under pressure.

Anthony rides our hubs. His bike got stolen out of the protected athlete storage are later in the day. Bike thieves suck.

One lowlight was the Dude Tour's policy towards taking pictures. They don't want you to do that, unless you work for NBC or Transworld, I guess. I had to shoot all my pics with a non-telephoto lens. They even yelled at Mark Losey. Not a huge deal, just sort of weird.

Big Daddy. He's smaller in person. He's still hilarious, and he could still bench press me.

Here he gives Tracie Mae some love at the Playstation Party. Without the glasses, he looks like a little kid.

The Playstation Party. Saturday night at the Social. It's impossible not to have fun at a party with BMXers. DeGroot, Dave Freimuth, Kris Bennet, Austin Coleman, Flip from Albes, Daniel Dhers, Dave Brumlowe, Rob Nolli, Alastair Whitten, Anthony Napolitan, Micah Kranz, Catfish, Big Daddy, Ryan Nyquist, Brian Lee, Ryan Herback, Dan Dwyer, and probably a bunch more I didn't recognize, or if I did, I don't remember, sorry.

Napolitan, Micah, Dan Dwyer lurking, Catfish spitting, Gob in disbelief.

This morning when we returned to work, we found this:

Yeah, someone set the junkyard down the street on fire. We didn't have power or phones until 9.30am or so. Good Times.

I love you, Micah.

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