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Cranks sold

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I’m not sure why I’m getting blank replies but if you are seriously interested text me

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That are verde off a high end complete. I replaced them to change to left hand drive. The only down fall is they might be a little heavier than $170 cranks

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I’ll just price them because I’m not asking for a lot, they are in very good condition and work great for someone on a budget. Cranks- 30 Hub- 20 I’ll ship for free just want to get rid of them and I’m looking for a little extra money

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Just make offers

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Shipping is from area code 15632 I might not reply on here so try to text me- 724-858-9039

Verde Regent, tubular chromoly 3-piece, 170mm 19mm bb included, right hand drive Verde Regent, fully sealed, 14mm axle, right hand drive ... more »

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I did not get any new parts, but I tightened all my spokes because they were making noise and trued my wheels. I also took off my brakes. Now the only noise is a little chain noise, but I like a looser chain

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Don't get either. They seem funny and all, but you cannot hit bigger jumps on them and they Hart boring fast. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is to bend over for extended amounts of time. They are just not worth the money

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Yeah, I have black break pads and all of the paint on the sides of my rear rim is gone. You can see in my bike check.

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Yeah, yours is sweet, but I like it to be heavier

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Yeah, I like mine because it's got more weight to it than pvc

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Here is my new filming setup. I have it hanging to show the balance. It is made of a set of cranks, grips and a bolt. The phone is held buy a handlebar mount. Tell me what you guys think.

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You can get some free smaller stickers from odyssey

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Thanks for all the help. I will keep these in mind and keep practicing

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I like stickers on the fork, bars, and frame. The vinyl stickers with just letters. Nothing boxed off.

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Could I have some tips and pointers on my 180s? Here is a video. https://youtu.be/AOJkXwwRoew

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How do you recommend grinding them down? Would an angle grinder work?