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Yeah, I hope so. I will def reach out to them to make sure they have stock first next time. I suppose one should do that anyway, but you get use to seeing it as In Stock...most don't feel the need to question.

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I've heard good things about these dudes, but I'm having a bad experience so far. I ordered a Broc Seat from them last week...I wait a few days and see no shipping confirmation. I reach out to them via Instagram to which they tell me the seats just came ... more »

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The secret has both sprockets in 28t and black, but I would call them or email them to make sure they are in stock. They apparently will post things that aren't in stock, but they are waiting for said items to arrive. It would be a great thing if they ... more »

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I think my best memory is something rather simple...that feeling of just pedaling around your town. Young, no had the summer ahead. Cassette player in pocket and just jammin' to something like Tool or Deftones. This was the early 2000s. Another ... more »

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Major props to Northeastern25...yeah it took him a bit to ship, but I don't fault him for that. He always got back with me and such so def would buy from him again. Fit blunt cranks in 165mm He threw in the install tool too. I wanted a pair ... more »
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I think it's the fact you just had to make up some dumb political snarky put down. I'll be another to add that if I see a lifetime warranty I'm more inclined to, there other factors too, but it shows the company will stand behind their product. ... more »

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I give a vote for the Tree Bicycle co Cassette.

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Where you looking because online there's a handful of places that have them in stock?

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I'm looking for a fat seat with nose a little shorter than average. Not snubbed for like flatland, just something with a smaller nose? Anything available like that?

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What you got? Either Black or Brown.

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I went back and fourths on which sprocket to buy...It was the Odyssey Fang, Relic or T1...I went with the Fang. I found a seller on Ebay...took a week which I say that because I feel it was a bit slow compared to other parts I've bought from shops.'s

... more »
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Actually he did post a clip of him flairing a quarter at his local part not too long ago on his Instagram ...

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I'm still kicking myself for not buying the only one I could find and that was from Powers Bmx...but one day it was sold before I had the chance to buy. I'm looking for one...honestly it doesn't need to be a great condition cover wise as I'm fine with

... more »

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" It's a beaut, Clark."

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Honestly, I wouldn't care what's a bike still. Now someone showing up with a dirt bike or something wanting to ride yeah no, but as long as they follow park etiquette and aren't a cares. Just ignore and ride.

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I'm fine with the rear. It's a Sun Rhyno rim laced to a Tree Cassette. It's used, but it wasn't rode that hard. I can see the rim giving out because I'm a heavy dude and sketch, but for now it's fine. The front...thinking of an Odyssey c5, but besides ... more »

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Okay, so I noticed that crossbar width isn't a spec a lot of companies care to list. The thing is I'm the type of rider that likes to hold near if not on the bends. Comparing a few bars I've held to their crossbar widths it seems like around 10 something ... more »

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Frame :Deco Self titled V1 20tt Forks : Deco Fu Bars : Animal bikes "Presidental" 8.5" Stem : S&m Shredneck Headset : Sunday Grips : S&M Hoder Barends : T1 Coffee Mug Cranks : Fit Blunt 165mm Pedals : Wellgo sealed Sprocket : Odyssey Fang 28t

... more »

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matt1ray @briarnelsonn nah I’ll ride Bmx forever haha

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What'd with the non-guard sprockets being 6061? I mean to me it's a letdown not being 7075.