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Yeah Looking out for a friend who is getting back into BMX...the dude selling wants 250 for the bike, which I could tell it wasn't worth it, but just wanted to know what the frame was...thanks! Def will keep looking.

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Not as if I bought it. I said I saw it on FB Marketplace...I figured someone could make out the sticker on the tt.

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Seen this on FB market place...I think it's a Verde frame?

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Mine...not showing much progression over the years of riding at a younger age. Sure, I had fun but I was just too afraid to move forward. Also I was depressed as fuck and didnt get on meds until my early 20s. I stopped riding and 7 plus years later am ... more »

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Good grief...hang on folks the shit storm is approaching!

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Yo don't mean to hijack this thread, but ...what's your favorite peanut butter? Also do you like grape or strawberry jelly?

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I remember a dude on here...I can't remember his name..."north eastern?" He was selling his Broc stem and mentioned it didn't work with his fork, which was a Shadow. You're running a Odyssey fork, right?... so def should fit, though.

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Not that u can't...just is harder too stay in a manual.

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I like that he has the sense to wear a helmet. Jumping off stuff like that...props. It's not my style, but one can and should recognize differently styles.

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Emailed and yeah new version coming this summer.

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Bored, so I was looking around and noticed it's not shown on the site anymore? I mean I know you can still order it, if you can find one, but...are they replacing it was a v3 or something you think?

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I don't know the rest but Heino and Hickerson both had signature frames, so it's hard to label them as "Underrated." Btw did Hickerson stop riding? I know he had an accident years back, but didn't hear much after that besides t1 ect raising funds for ... more »

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When I was a kid, I would have been like "wtf" if it was a non bmx related sponsor, but as I've gotten older...yeah, a sponsor outside bmx means more money in the riders pocket so they don't have to struggle so much, I'm 100% down with it. Hell, even ... more »

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hourglass long tapered headtubes and bb's Yeah that's gonna be a no for me the look of an hourglass. Integrated em'.

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You guys need to go to his site...some has been sold like the cranks.

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The dude watched a game of bike they posted and decided to judge the team based on that. As I said...not every rider is gonna throw bangers at every sesh. There are plenty of riders out there not pro that could hold their own with a lot of pro riders. ... more »

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True, I've had issues personally with rails popping out and the plastic cracking around where the rails go into. Dealing with the seat guts for the post were always a pain too. Also, the worst fate the rails bending on you. Honestly never rode a pivotal ... more »