Ok, three days ago my half-link sheared off clean. I was cranking my ass off and then !pink! Over the bars we go. I hashed both knees pretty badly. I had cold sweats, couldn’t ride, couldn’t even get up the stairs at my house. I was pissed, yeah, but these things happen sometimes so I got over it. Last night I got a new link, slapped that shit together, did some random maintenance, and bam, good as new.

Now this morning when I got up, I stopped by the greatest place on the web (vital.com) and got motivated to ride. I decided to take it easy because my knees still hurt. You know, a nibbler sesh. Hopping trash cans, manualing curbs, 180’s over caution tape. Then I come across this rail. It’s like a six or eight stair, not long enough to grind. I figured I’d 180 it, then I thought of my knees. So I say to myself, I say, “ Just hop it and if the impact isn’t too much THEN 180 it.” and yes, I speak to myself in such a manner.

Well, I go back and pedal at this rail when I see a car coming at the flat I’m going to land on. I could tell I had plenty of time so I just went for it. Over the rail I go, perfect, and then the second I land… SNAP! There goes my crank arm. My foot hit the ground ok but the peg slid up my leg taking me out. So my bike and I go for a roll and instantly the old couple from the car and this younger woman who just happened to see started yelling and stuff, asking if I was ok. I’m like, “I’m cool, this stuff happens.” Then I realize that I got a couple miles at least to walk home so I asked for a ride. Suddenly their whole concern flew out the window like I was a leper or something. They didn’t care, they only asked if I was ok because they wanted to see blood or a broken bone. Bastards.

When I get new cranks nothing else better break for at lest six months…

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