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whats goin on buddy, havent talked in long ime, hows the bmx scene over there? catcha buddy

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Oprah turns me on hahah na but seriously megan fox aint even that hot

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Ok guys im really sick of this piece of shit $99 nokia phone I Got a choice between iPhone 3GS 16GB or Motorola Dext which 1 would ya pick?

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willing to ship to nsw?

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agreed. the eastern boss is like a feather weight and its sexy

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yerr but why would u let that fuck tard in your truck? let alone anywhere near you?

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Cops where i come from suck ASS i will be riding over town, or to get something to eat with friends (without helmet) and soon as you see them you got 3 decissions, keep riding and pray u dont get caught.... or you get off straight away and walk it... ... more »

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happy birthdaay for yesterday

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wont that add weight? LOL

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sexy ass bike

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just came in my pants

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that bike is sexy, hahaha but was there really need for you to post a footjam 3 inches off the ground?

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sunday color's picture is not boring (: hahahaha no but there has been jack all good posts or anything really....

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they r pretty good, they look pretty good sorry havent worn them... yet haha

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lol how about both? haha naahhh ummm idk either

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Front: Vandero 2, or g sport marmoset Back: G sport ratchet, or shadow conspiracy rant v2, or shadow conspiracy raptor Rims: odyssey 7ka or odyssey hazard lite or g sport rollcage

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Ok i have narrowed it down to Vans whip 3 shoes or the Nike 6.0 Mavrks?

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look on your face : "fuck yeah"

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