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Definetly recommend it. If you don't want to get it though a close second would be the Merritt final drive but it does feel weird and kinda sloppy compared to the clutch.

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Dumb question but does your odyssey clutch click when it disengages. My Merritt one did for the first few rides and than got silent but now that I am on a clutch freecoaster it click all the time.

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I really like this. And digging the high seat.

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In person it is a darker chocolate gum kinda colour. Thanks though, I really like the colours. And I haven't ridden the cranks long but they feel nice and are pretty stiff. They also are very square so when doing whips and no footed things you can land ... more »

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Well I decided it was time. After 2 years on a mismatched Sunday, I treated myself to a new bike. It finally matches and feels amazing. I wanted something that was twitchier and more responsive than the soundwave I had before. Well that's what I got.

... more »

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Actually I weigh 150 pounds and still on my 2 stock wheels from 5 years ago. I ride wide tires though and I always keep my bike in good shape so my wheels get tried at least once a week so I don't notice if the poundage affects the rims. I jump eight ... more »

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Lol no more than 30 psi in either tire. And always less in the front.

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Manual foot plant 180s.

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Definitely will recommend the new eclat fireball tires. Not Stevie ones but the ones after he left eclat. The lasted me one year while doing sliders. I just got a set of donnasqueaks but haven't put them on yet. They look and feel nice though.

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I personally ride in my basement.

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I think that fat tires have their place. If you are someone who rides stupid low psi than fat tires are a great way to stop getting pinch flats. I personally ride 15 psi in my front wheel (I know horrible on my bike but I don't need more people telling ... more »

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I blew out a pair of fireball tires but they were almost a year old. I twisted two bodies of two different stems an éclat Mercury and a Sunday freeze. I broke a few spokes and cracked a steel shadow peg. Snapped two different freecoaster axles and blew ... more »

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Ya definetly try hopping on things because you will surprise yourself with how high you can go. On flat I am lucky to hop 2 feet but put a handrail in front of me and I can double peg it like nothing. Idk I just feels better to actually have a goal to ... more »

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When you are riding at the park or in front of your house just throw the bars constantly with your feet on the ground. When I ride I throw the bars 100 s of times just when I am standing there waiting my turn. And I hate to say it but learning them on ... more »

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I currently ride the soundwave v2. It does feel snappier and more responsive than the older sunday frames for sure. I really liked the feel of the taller seat tube height because it made things like pinching for barspins so much easier. For you, I would ... more »

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It feels a little different because the shadow driver has a bearing instead of the bushing found in the Merritt one. It ident too difficult to change them over but it does take some time to do. The hardest part is since the shadow axle is longer that ... more »

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Merritt makes the axle and I have no idea where to get it lol. Probably off their website but you will have to look around. Maybe look up Marriott freecoaster parts. If you are mechanically inclined and have some tools there is a way to stick other brands ... more »

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Yes that is the only real problem I have had with the final drive hub. There were a few other frustrating things about it like the driver seems really sticky almost with the he bushing and doesn't spin worth crap unless you have it Brandon begin loose. ... more »

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I have had the Merritt coaster for just over 1 year. When you first get it it has a ton of slack which I have grown to love. It also will feel stiff for a while because of the driver bushing. It is overall a very solid hub and pretty light versus the ... more »

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I really love my kmc 510 chain. My 410 broke stupid quick and I had nothing but problems with my shadow chain. I still run the same 510 that I had for 3 years to this day. They are only 26 dollars in Canada so I don't think that it will be anymore where ... more »