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Ok sweet thanks. I was going to get an odyssey raft stem but they just released the highrise in the new matte gold that will match my bike perfectly.

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Hey I was wondering what your guys opinions are on the kink highrise stem. I haven't ridden many kink parts so I would like to hear other opinions before buying it. I currently ride a stock fit stem from a fit vh 1 but I have ridden the éclat Mercury ... more »

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I am assuming that you are not trying to keep these bearings in good condition lol, but you really have to pound it. I have punched out a set on a stock frame and it took a ton of hard pounding to get it out. I just used a flat head screwdriver too.

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My driver is also stuck but not to the hub shell but to the axle somehow. You can see if it is actually stuck to the hub shell or to the axle by taking off the non drive cone nuts and pushing the entire axle out through the drive side. This I think would ... more »

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I disagree with putting the seat down. Ride it where you are comfortable. I personally ride a stupid high seat because it makes it easier to pinch while doing bar spins. I personally have never hit myself off my seat and I do a lot of big drops.

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Is it a sealed integrated headset? If so you can pop out the little rubber seal and that will expose the balls. Than you can clean them out and pack new grease in there. Just be careful prying out the rubber seal bacause you don't want to damage it.

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Wanted to know wether brass or alloy nipples would be better. Thanks

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Just curious for people that have ridden one of or both these front load stems. The s and m shred neck front load vs the cult mind control v2 front load. I would like to know which you would recommend and if one is better or if they slip? Thanks

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I do it kind of the snake way. I have access to a vinyl cutter that you can program to cut any logo you want. I have about 900 made stickers in my basement not in anything yet lol.

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I mean sure you could try to but wouldn't the screw be really hard to find once the whole was drilled. And why is this external slack adjustment so wanted. I have had 2 coasters and have never touched the slack on either of them after setting it up from ... more »

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Correct me if I am wrong but drilling a hole in your hub would be completely pointless. Kinda like stabbing yourself in the eye...... On the cyclone you CANNOT adjust slack from the outside and drilling a hole will not change this fact.

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I have a really quick question. Will I have to run a half link chain to dial in the short back end on the Alvx frame or will it be the same with a full link chain with a half link installed. Thanks.

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Yes I am aware of the fact that the odyssey ones have a lifetime warranty. I have also had two pairs. The first ones lasted for 5 years and than they started to loosen quite a bit. I contacted odyssey about this not expecting much since they were 5 years ... more »

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I am wondering a few things about these cranks. For anybody that has them or have ridden them how do they hold up to abuse. How does that bb that comes with it hold up. Can you use a regular bolt drive sprocket with it or does it have to be a spline ... more »

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Ya I have some on my bike but I have even more just chillin around. I make all my own stickers which is the cheapest and most satisfying way lol. I'll get some pics later like tommorow. I don't have my bike right now.

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I have got to agree. I have watched a few of his videos and I just can't get through them. He does come across as very stuck up and acts like he is a better person than everyone else. His style is pretty horrible too and he has some good tricks but that ... more »

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I am back again with another thing broken and I don't know how to fix it. On my freecoaster there is a double cone nut setup on the drive side. One is there to get the tension for the driver and the other is to tighten up against it to lock it in place ... more »

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Ya I was leaning towards solid male axles too but the problem is I can't find any on danscomp or the secret box shop.

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Hey all, I am planning on building a new rear wheel. I ride street and do lots of grinds and drops. I am wanting a cassette that will hold up to all the abuse I could ever throw at it. I was looking at the odyssey antigram the primo remix or the Merritt ... more »

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Ok I still can't remove the driver from the axle. I pulled the entire axle out and the driver is somehow stuck on the axle itself. I tried holding the driver and hammering the axle out of the driver but it won't budge.