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Got my brand new Shadow Featherweight waiting to get some action, I look dumb anyway so might as well wear something that keeps me a bit

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Probably somewhere between 1.5ft and 2ft, might be able to squeeze above 2ft onto something but high hops aren't really my

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It would be one of the most annoying things ever to have a poorly aligned fork/bars combo with no chance to do anything about

not by much, just enough that you notice it everytime you look at it. As for the splined fork, I think it would ... more »
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Pretty much same here. We have one BMX-only shop in the whole country but they mostly sell online and I try to order from them whenever they have whatever I'm looking for. Too bad their range of products is quite narrow, which is understandable of course ... more »

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Pretty much this, although I'd love to see someone try to make them.

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Had some time to spare so I decided to install most of the stuff that arrived last week. Switched my old sprocket to the Knox and added the Uniguard. Everything still seems to work so can't wait to get riding. Only a couple more

... more »
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Some people get way too emotional over this subject, just like pegs vs. pegless. Why should it be my problem if someone chooses to ride or not ride

I think anyone calling someone a bitch or pussy or telling they do it wrong is just ... more »
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Perfect example of architecture that looks like it's designed to be used by skaters and bikers and yet you'll get kicked out within

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Brakeless. I rode brakes before and liked it but decided to go brakeless and haven't gone back. Brake tricks are cool and I enjoy watching and doing them, but I never did them too much for some reason. So now I ride brakeless to avoid the hassle with ... more »

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Didn't think I'd say this, but well bumped my man.

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I just received a package from Source, took pretty much 4 days to ship which was reasonable since some of the items were "ships in 2-4 days" items. Previous order including a frame shipped in like 2 days

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I can't see myself ever justifying a 65$

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Well that sucks big time... I've developed a habit of always doing a quick search about companies I haven't been using before, clearly it's worth doing.

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Yeah especially the bike check section is littered with downvotes, 30 something downvotes isn't even realistic anymore.

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Please do the front brake only, that would be a boss level move

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When I can't easily put them on the bike without tire rubbing the frame, I'm

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Oh dear lord what the fuck is happening here...

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It's short for "Littucine", which is a less known cousin of the famous "Fettucine"-pasta. Not as tasty as fettucine but especially young people like it.

Yes, I'm as clueless as you guys.
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