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wasnt talking crap all i wrote is that they hadnt gotten back to me yet and asked if anyone had dealt with them b4 so maybe u shouldnt say shit bout me when u obviously havent read the original post

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Another one of mine https://vimeo.com/5123397 Levi's® BMX Video - Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams & Dakota Roche from Will Stroud on Vimeo.

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i typed it wrong in this thread but i sent it to the right one

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i hav da shadow interlock v2 chain is SO strong i had my first one for a year and a half when finally it broke i used a kmc as a replacement it broke in 2 weeks

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i wldnt trust the odsy clamping system just go with the one thts proven to work

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i emailed warranty@odyssey.com

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i lost my manuals recently just got em back today im happy i got em back just keep practicing this happens all the time to most people just keep practicing its prob cause u may have done this "wow 360s are hella easy, ehh ima put less effort in em" and

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get a custom i know it is expensive and may take longer to save up the money but in the long run it will last u longer and ride better

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u people dont realize how frickin lucky u are to have spots like this i live in the suburbs where there is nothing but grass and trees for miles the only places i have to ride are at schools where i hav to risk cop trouble just to ride on a daily basis ... more »

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DIRECTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a a pair and i love em

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GLH ftw

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Shadow Solus Mid comfiest i have felt

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Heres mine https://vimeo.com/14952134

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alright i dont get the big deal about whether or not something is american made. doesnt really mean anything about the parts depends on HOW they r made not who makes em

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u mad bro?

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feebles, ice, tooth hangovers, luc-e and crank arm

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so is anyone gonna answer the question