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New thread New Frame 4/17/2019 11:54 AM

Hi , i just ordered a new frame ,an United Incarnate Frame Flat Trans Brown 21" Frame Now , My current bike is an Pre-build i searched the internet .. and apparently its an Haro Leucadia DLX 2016 20.3 Current Bike Until now i changed some things , but ... more »

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New thread Which Handlebar will fit me 8/29/2018 11:30 PM

Hi , I need to buy new handlebars (cause mine were overtightened) .... but i don't rly know which size will fit me ... i am 5.61 ft and i'm 14 yo , i'm a begginer .... my bike is a 20'' ... apparently my old bars were 7'' 2p ... i would like some 2p ... more »

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New thread BMX Under 450$ 8/9/2018 8:12 PM

Hi , I want to buy a new bike ,, but i dont know which is better .... i'm still a begginer , and i want a mid bike , i'm 14 yo and i have 1,73 m/5.67 f First i was thinking for the WeThePeople 2018 Curse 20 (Green ) , cause i liked the color . But now ... more »

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New thread I Dont Know My Bmx's Model 5/27/2018 4:41 PM

Hi Does Anybody know what model is this Haro (i bought it SH )

Is it worth customize it ... or just buy a new one ... looking for WTP Curse 2018

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