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anyone else live there?

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if you ride brakeless, the stolen bike (sinner. i think?) that is brakeless is great for the weight stregnth, and its made for street riding. i wouldnt get anything other than a stolen, we the people, or kink.

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the riding isnt that great in this vid. kinda boring actually

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maderabmx left a comment 7/9/2008 8:52 AM

hey man, thanks for the love. we definitely sell a bunch of the sprockets. we are also desgning a new one real soon. its gonna be real sweet looking and much lighter. keep your eyes open!

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are you fucken stupid? do you think the complete bikes are the same quality as their custom bikes? fuck to the no, dumbass. fit completes are just no name parts that are slim enough to keep the weight low enough for people to go for them. the AM's cassette ... more »

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ive kicked in a fender because i was mad. so i got on top of the car and stomped downward and it popped the dent out lol. but i dont think that guy would allow you to do that haha

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hey i just wanted to drop bye and say that you guys have the sickest looking sprocket on the market. do those sell quick? ive been meaning to get it, but im kinda short on money.

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omggg haha thats sick

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haha that too. i just said it nicely lol

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why would you post a topic about this. your asking to be hated on. i dont care if people suck, or are different, or dont slam their seat (i slam mine not becuase of the fad but because it used to go up my butt), but to post a topic about yourself to ... more »

Started new thread slam xlt's on street? 7/3/2008 7:24 PM

i want new bars to try a new size and such, but i was wondering if big bars (not too wide) are good for street? cuz it seems like street riders like medium to small sized bars.

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that was a 900

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Started new thread animal butted lites or shadow little ones? 7/2/2008 7:48 PM

can someone who has actually had either of them tell me the pro's/con's? i dont wanna waste my money

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theres a bank spot thats pretty nice with a tree but it got boring and all stairs are the same(since i cant really do tricks downt them) so that just gets boring. all the jumps get taken down in a month. its pretty gay

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definitly not me. i have like 2 good spots. there is no bike scene in my town either, so its boring as shit

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uh i already put my pegs on. ill see how i feel after riding tomorow. its either the shadow little ones or the plegs but im not much of a plastic fan. but it would be good becuase the ledges around me arent waxed and are beaten up. idk, ill order in ... more »

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it wouldnt take that long at all, i exagerated.

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i want to start riding pegs to widen my style, but i kind of dont want to spend money. should i just get animal lites or just put my stock steel's back on and deal with it? im only asking cuz i saw aaron ross uses steel pegs, so im guessing it cant be ... more »

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