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Inspected both my bottom bracket and headset today which have been in since 2013. The headset & head/steerer tube were all in nearly pristine condition so just cleaned, re-lubed (greased), and dropped 'em right back in. The bottom bracket was also

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I think you be very surprised how much BMX geometry actually went into that frame ;-) The DASH was heavily influenced by 20" thru 24" BMX freestyle design and was specifically made for Fixed Gear Freestylers who had abandoned 700c for 26".

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New Profile Mini Cassette Hub all laced up now on a Sun-Ringle MTX 33 rim.

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Damn, I hope you recover well brother. We aint' spring chickens no more! If you haven't already had your melon checked out you might consider doing it to be on the safe side as missing minutes of time like that is not good. I had the front and right ... more »

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Lookie here at what came in the mail from the good ole'USA. Profile Mini Cassette Hub with 15t Chromo Splined Driver with 120mm Track Cone Spacers.

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He rides his custom 20" BMX only occasionally and with a spotter close by... it is extremely hard for him to stand up and maintain balance to ride it for any length of distance or time. He does however have a road bike, a black Cannondale Bad Boy, that ... more »

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Thank you. ~13.5kg (~29.7 lbs)

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UPDATED PICS (Please See Bike Check): The Zitto Protective Frame Guard unfortunately began to separate and peel probably due to a combination of it being rotten stock (aged and spoiled glue) and the high Siamese humidity. Luckily, it all easily came

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Huh? I think I was unclear there but I never said nor meant he WAS retired but the opposite as well. But any way, we both are in the same train of thought that "Nyquist Rules"!!! All the best brother!

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Old guys we tend to stick together! :-) Ryan has really shown what a senior pro can do. Happy New Year!

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Last time I checked a decade was ten years and the 2013 X-Games falls well within that period of time... yes? Plus, he has adamantly said he is far from retirement but currently focused on coaching the US Olympic Team. So still far from retired I say... ... more »

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Sorry, but I think you have completely forgotten about his 2013 Bronze X-Games medal which was an astounding comeback performance to say the least! Kyle & Brandon only beat him by less than two (2) points.

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Ryan Nyquist... still going strong and now coaching!

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Concur. A major deciding factor for my choosing a Bombtrack (WTP) frame... German engineering, Taiwanese welding.

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Speaking of tier-one models only here now, all those brands you mentioned do have something serious to offer in their top racing models. One could also consider Dash, DK, Supercross, Inspyre, Meybo, and YessBMX. Another top racing brand is Daylight Cycle ... more »

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So a Size "L" aka Frame Size 20.75" weighs in at ~9.36kg (~20.64 lbs).

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It depends on the model and frame (top tube) size... the 20" models start at ~9.36kg (~20.64 lbs) and top out at ~9.78kg (~21.42lb) for the 24" model.

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That frame is dope... luv it. Thanks for sharing.