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If you are getting a graphics card make sure your motherboard and power supply can take it or your pc will blow If you are getting a whole new setup amd is better for video editing but intel is better for gaming ( proccessors) and Amds are cheaper.

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What kind of sick bastard would do that, if he wouldn't have killed him self there would be a line of eople waiting to do it. I read somewhere He had multiple personalitys though. There are too many guns all ready in america to make them illegal, they ... more »

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he is in the uk so cant get things from dans comp... if your frame has an american bb its probably shit this frame, it comes with a free bb

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a cow and some corn

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1. post this in general section next time 2. what is your budget 3. how tall are you? 4. how old are you 5. change your picture you will get abused

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pretty great, is it grey, raw or brown? buy a black sunday freeze and a black seat then it will look great. when you get new wheels white hubs would look awesome

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pretty sweet, i bet you had a quick go how much was it? once you get the new seat it will be perfect for your son, how old is he?

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bad quality but and when they move to texas and their new neighbour says something like "hi im _____ queer chaser and basher"

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the connection has ruined it for me, I am often host and it gets even worse then fast mags, flat jacket and tac mask need boosting damage needs increasing and fire rate needs lowering dexterity, extreme conditioning, fast hands and toughness are stupid ... more »

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get it

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gun laws are really strict here. my dad has an air rifle and 3 shotguns. Double barrel, a single barrel, small sized bolt action one for shooting hares and an air hand gun which is basically a bb gun on steroids Once im 18 im going to try and get a fire ... more »

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looks nice what seat is that, it looks uncomfortable?

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odyssey mike aitken pivotal would be a great seat, it's padded but not too fat.

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so you meant to make no sense?

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get you ass on some grass do some 90's and keep trying to get further round until you get 180. then take it to the concrete and perfect the rotation and learn turn out

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you need another one of those turquoise hoops

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I need to see it. is that blake in that picture? he is ginger so I will assume it is