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Wow I can't believe Im considered a older rider!! WTF happened. I run a 24" Felt Brink. I wish I could find some 48h rims for it. I do run plastic pegs for 4 years now and no problems, I tried to run plastic pedals but they are no good, Im back on medal ... more »

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My son rides a Justice, its pretty solid

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More spokes equal stronger. I've gotten into discussions over this, some people believe they are not stronger than 36h lol

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Lol the gearing is the same as the old dinner plates. The chainwheel and back freewheel or hub both have fewer teeth then they used to, but the gear ratio is the same.. Im in the 30's club and I still shred my 24"!! Check it out! ... more »

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Hahah thanks! Yeah we all have a lot of fun riding!

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I ride metal for grinding, the plastic ones wear out fast if you nick them while grinding.

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Go for chromoly. No point in getting a bike thats not and upgrading it, then you would have a crappy frame with nice parts. Pay the extra for the chromoly, I got a 24" Felt Brink 2011 and its still going strong. Dents in the drop outs and all.

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Me shredding my 2011 Felt Brink

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I Dont have any pics of just my bike, but here is some screen shots of me riding it! 2011 Felt Brink

... more »
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Nice man 24"s are so fun. I can ride them all day without hurting my back from crouching over like a 20" . My whole family rides check us out!

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I ran the Kenda K rads when I had them stock and I had to get rid of them because they would fold out on me in the skatepark at high speed carves. I have been running Odyessy Aitkens 2.25 right now and I love them.

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Hey whats up. I ride a 2011 Felt Brink. I was looking at a 2011 Model C also which had the chromolly frame. I didnt want to pay the extra for the Model C but I wish I did because I had to replace a lot of stuff on my Felt. I have more money into my Felt ... more »

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I ride a 24" BMX bike. Its a 2011 Felt Brink. I got it all upgraded over the years Check us out. Ruff BMX, the family that rides.

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We used a GoPro Hero for our vids. It has a wide view but I dont know if it is considered a fish lens. Our whole family rides BMX check us out.

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Check us out our whole family rides BMX! We have 3 boys , 4,9, and 11 years old. Our 11 year old (JJ red bike) has autism. THe autism specialist said he would never ride! They were wrong check him out!

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Nice man he is good. Cant believe he is already doing 360s! I have 3 boys also who all BMX, my wife and I also ride. They are 4, 9 and 11 years old. We are one youtube, Ruff BMX , check us out!