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Reply to Next time I’ll heed the opinions of those who take time to give advise on here 8/15/2019 2:02 AM

Yeah I can totally relate, I have a one year old daughter and I'm hoping I can get her into BMX or skating when she's older but I really struggle seeing her get hurt and I know that won't change when she get's older. Seems like you're both doing an awesome ... more »

Reply to Does anyone have a first hand experience with The Make Crew Frames? 8/14/2019 1:59 AM

I can't quite answer your question but just for some general comments on the Make as a company I have been running their bars for just over a year (second hand too) and the condition is still perfect so I would assume the frames are similar build quality ... more »

Reply to Wearing a "helmet" 8/14/2019 1:58 AM

Featherweight is awesome, really comfortable and once it's on it's easy to just forget about it as it's so light and fit's really nice

Reply to Can ride park, but not street? 8/12/2019 11:37 PM

Van Homan wears protective gear when riding street and he is one of the best of all time

Reply to Consolidating over asked questions to figure out peg/foot clearance, back pain, etc! 8/5/2019 11:28 PM

1. Where do you place your foot on the pedal? Arch of my foot on the pedal 2. If you run 4 pegs, does your back foot hit your opposite side peg? 4 pegs but no issues 3. What size shoe are you, what size crank arm do you have, and what type of pedals ... more »

Reply to Halfcabs?? 7/25/2019 11:39 PM

Yeah can anyone fill me in on whats happening here? Haha

Reply to Tips on riding stamina 7/19/2019 12:46 AM

What about breathing dickhead?

Reply to my thoughts on trolling and forum seriousness 7/11/2019 11:56 PM

Spearmint milk sounds incredible

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 7/10/2019 12:13 AM

Had a quick 20 minute blast this morning and learnt opposite 180's, looking forward to getting them a bit cleaner and more consistent so I can do them out of grinds and stuff

Reply to The Truth. This is my life. 7/10/2019 12:11 AM

I think I have some generic chromoly forks from an old complete, united supreme 165mm cranks, a generic cassette wheel, a stem and some old tires. Don't know if any of it is of interest to you but let me know and I can send pictures

Reply to Revisiting plastic pegs 7/9/2019 12:37 AM

I've been on BSD Rude Tubes since October and I'm still on my original sleeves, they're great

Reply to The Truth. This is my life. 7/8/2019 12:07 AM

Yes but is anyone up Norf? Jamie I might have a few parts I could send your way

Reply to *** What Freecoaster should I buy ?? *** 6/20/2019 11:39 PM

Madera Gulf coaster, exactly the same internals as a Z coaster but not as pricey

Reply to El toro gone? 6/18/2019 11:18 PM

Haha yeah it's literally some stairs. I've never understood the hype with El Toro, I've seen videos of people trick way bigger/gnarlier sets than El Toro. People will use an El Toro clip as an ender in a video part even if there's more impressive clips ... more »

Reply to I have no idea what I'm doing... 6/10/2019 11:54 PM

For that price you can't go wrong with the L100, you would even have some cash left over to spend on any upgrades that you wanted. There's the possibility that the 21" top tube may be too small for you given your height and MTB background but you never ... more »

Reply to I have no idea what I'm doing... 6/10/2019 11:28 PM

4130 chromoly is the best material you can get when it comes to BMX (unless you want to spend an absolute fortune on titanium). If you're wanting to ride proper BMX (jumping and doing tricks and stuff) I would definitely stick to 20" wheels. Depends ... more »

Reply to BMX or Girlfriend? 6/6/2019 11:36 PM

Wow... This fucking thread has made me want to leave the internet and never come back

Reply to Can't pinch cranks for barspins at ALL 6/3/2019 11:33 PM

Fuck you haha. I can't even bring myself to let go of the bars, I wish I could do one that clean

Reply to Out of the loop and need your help! 6/3/2019 11:26 PM

WTP always make good, high end completes. By the way Fiend is owned by Garrett Reynolds, they're legit