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New thread Balance Bikes 11/21/2019 11:43 PM

Hi all, as some of you know I have a young daughter. Whenever she sees me on my bike she always gets excited and wants to sit on it. One of my big dreams as a parent is to be able to take her to the skatepark with me when it's quiet so I've been considering ... more »

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New thread Conquering fear 1/29/2019 12:35 AM

I know this is something that has been discussed a lot but it's been playing on my mind lately. At the moment I'm just really struggling to commit to trying new stuff and even doing things that I did with no issues a few months ago. I feel like I've ... more »

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New thread 2019 BSD Soulja 1/14/2019 12:16 AM

Frame BSD Soulja 20.6 tt Fork Federal 22mm offset Bars The Make Damned 8.5 rise 29 wide Stem BSD Stacked Grips BSD Dan Paley Cranks BSD Substance 165mm Sprocket ... more »

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New thread Peg Wobble 11/9/2018 1:27 AM

I'm sure this is going to turn out to be a really stupid question but go easy on me or I shall show you what my boots endowed with the spirit of 76 are like! So basically I have a bit of wobble on my front pegs, it's a united supreme female front wheel ... more »

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New thread Mutiny Comb Street Beast 10/1/2018 11:54 PM

First one got stolen, some awesome Vital members were generous enough to donate some parts to get me on my way to building up a new ride (Thank you, you legends). Pretty much have it exactly how I want it now other than Cranks, Front Wheel and Stem (when

... more »

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New thread Wheel Truing 7/26/2018 1:04 AM

Hey guys, hoping for some tips and advice. I noticed the other day that I have a broken spoke in my back wheel so I'm planning on replacing it and truing my wheel. I've never done any of these things before so has anyone got any advice to help this go ... more »

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New thread Favourite underrated riders 6/4/2018 4:52 AM

Doesn't have to be someone unknown, could be someone who is very well known but just doesn't seem to get as much praise as you think they deserve. Personally I'm a huge Dylan McCauley fan, he's probably my favourite rider and I think he's a really good ... more »

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New thread BMX is great 6/4/2018 1:14 AM

I had my bike stolen on Friday and obviously everyone who rides knows how shitty that is. That thing was my pride and joy, my passion, my hobby and I spent a lot of money putting it together so it hurt a lot to lose it to somebody who has no thought ... more »

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New thread Chain issues 4/23/2018 12:03 PM

Hey guys, hoping someone might have a suggestion for a problem I'm having. I've got a tight and loose spot in my chain. My sprocket can't be ovalised because I fit a brand new sprocket, chain and hub (driver) all at the same time. Any ideas what could ... more »

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New thread Shadow Chains 2/13/2018 2:38 AM

What up dudes. I'm planning on getting a new chain soon and I've been looking at the Shadow Interlock for obvious reasons. I'm just wondering what the difference between the Interlock Supreme and Interlock V2 is? Do they both have lifetime warranty? ... more »

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New thread Feeble Hard 180 1/30/2018 3:08 AM

Hey guys, looking for some tips with this. Given the fact that it's called a feeble HARD 180 I'm going to assume it's not as simple as just doing a feeble grind and then a 180 haha. As I'm a wimp I was thinking of hopping into a feeble stall on a ledge ... more »

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New thread Today I learnt 1/28/2018 8:11 AM

Feeling super positive today after learning a feeble stall to fakie on a down ledge and a manual to double peg grind (still got a long way to go with manuals though) and I thought this might be a cool thread to talk about what you might have learnt recently. ... more »

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New thread Mutiny Comb V3 1/15/2018 5:50 AM

*UPDATED 8/3/18* New pictures below

Frame Mutiny Comb Trans Yellow 20.6" Fork Eclat Coda 26mm Offset Handlebars Premium 8" rise 28" wide Stem Premium Front load flipped Grips Premium Counterfeit Headset BSD Cranks Eclat Maverick 175mm Bottom ... more »

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New thread Custom bikes 12/19/2017 5:53 AM

Hey guys, in the process of eyeing up/saving for a custom build. This is what I'm swaying towards at the moment. I know it's another person asking about what bike to get but hopefully it's a bit more unique than the usual posts. I'm curious if any of ... more »

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New thread United Supreme Parts Kit 11/12/2017 11:55 PM

Anyone ever had any experience with this? I'm basically getting to the stage when I'm pretty much desperately in need of a completely new bike. I don't really want to get a complete because there's not really anything I've found which has everything ... more »

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New thread Always wear a helmet 10/30/2017 12:57 AM

I just wanted to give a friendly reminder to always wear a helmet. I got knocked off my bike on the way to work a few days ago and fell pretty hard on my shoulder/head. I went to the hospital and luckily just have some soft tissue damage, but if I wasn't ... more »

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New thread What would you call this? 9/18/2017 2:18 AM

Was messing round the other day and I started doing a "trick" (not even sure if you could call it that) and wondered if it was something people actually did. Basically riding up to the top of the quarter pipe to do a rock to fakie/disaster to fakie or ... more »

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New thread Frame geometry changes 9/16/2017 12:16 AM

Hey guys, been planning on getting a new frame soon. Been wanting to go for something more compact and responsive than what I'm used to. My current frame is 20.75 tt, 14 chainstay and 11.5 bb height. The frame I'm looking at is 20.6 tt, 13 chainstay ... more »

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