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Mongoose is really starting to get serious at their roots. The Legion line has alot to offer, and not that anyone on here cares,but their race line is very impressive for being absent for a spell. Pricing things to where a person can get into a new gig relatively easy and not be ashamed of it. The whole Wal Mart fiasco really put a hurting on the brand.....give em props for trying to recover.

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Hello! Welcome to the site. I see this is your first post. It's unfortunate you haven't been around posting positive comments on any of the women's content we've been producing over the past number of years, but I'm happy you ended up here nonetheless.

I spend a lot of time around BMX riders - both male and female. Angie and I had a conversation about rotational weight yesterday when she referenced why she ditched her pink tires that I know she loved. I had never heard another woman in freestyle BMX reference rotational weight before. Neither had Angie! Now, that's not to say it hasn't ever happened, but based on personal experience and a few quick Google searches, it's pretty clear that it's rare.

A LOT is changing in women's BMX. The UCI paid the women equally to the men in their Urban World Championships last year and will do so again next month. At the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach this year, the women were paid equally to the men. Once again, another first. While there isn't yet a women's freestyle event in X Games, their presence at the event and the resources they're given has grown. Their progression level is crazy, the number of women's events is growing, and more and more core BMX brands continue to add female riders to their programs. It's a very positive time and I've thoroughly enjoyed being around it, covering it, and helping out where I've been able to.

As this progression continues, it's likely that more and more women in freestyle BMX will become interested in bicycle geometry, parts selection, and even rotational weight. Angie is the first I've heard talk about it, but she certainly won't be the last!

Now, for the dark side of this. I've heard female BMX riders putting an emphasis on the color of the bikes / parts they ride. Angie has experienced this also. Is this a negative thing? Absolutely not (I don't think so, at least - you seem to disagree). Is it exclusive to women? Absolutely not! But, it has happened and will likely continue to happen.

With all of that being said, I hope you now understand that what was referenced in the above article wasn't based on "stereotypes" and was actually meant to compliment this particular woman's relationship with the bike she rides.

I look forward to hearing from you more on future content we will be delivering - of both women and men! Also, I welcome you to contribute to women's freestyle BMX however you see fit. You obviously have a strong stance here and and this growing discipline can benefit from any and all advocates!

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