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After some help, I've got a 2nd hand Stranger XXL 7000 rim and profile mini cassette hub.. what spoke size do I need for 36 hole 3 cross?

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Normally I would but on this occasion they gave me this as an alternative and said if it didn't work out I could swap them for something else.

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Never before has this really mattered to me but this has become a big topic since I last rode. I've just ordered some new tyres from Dead Sailor, initially I had ordered some Shadow Strada Nuova but they've done me a deal on Valor tyres instead. However ... more »

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Afternoon Guys, I've got a used Fiend Reynolds v1 and it never came with brake lugs. I've been looking at retailers in the UK and a lot of places don't appear to stock the Fiend kit. Are the brake lug kits universal or do I definitely need to buy a Fiend ... more »

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Always a helmet and shin pads. Need to get some knee pads and some ankle guards as I'm forever smashing them on the cranks. Ate sh!t way too many times when I least expected it so I just think better safe than sorry!

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Frame: Fiend Reynolds V1 Forks: Fiend (Don't know anymore) Bars: Fit VH1 complete Stem: Fit VH1 complete Cranks: Eclat (Again don't know) Pedals: Odyssey Plastic Chainring: Cult Front Wheel: Fit VH1 complete Rear Wheel: Fit VH1 complete Seatpost: Fit ... more »

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Just the chain to go on, Silver/Chrome Shadow interlock V2.

Really impressed how the colour has come out!
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Thought I would post a teaser of my bike on here. Today I collected my used Fiend Reynolds up from the We Do Powder Coating and I have to say the paint job is simply stunning.

I had bought some Eclat Cranks and Fiend forks which I'd had powder ... more »

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I had better luck on ebay. Realised I've never actually put myself in here. 31 years old and just started back up January with a cheap Fit Complete. Hailing from Leicester and only getting to ride once a week but I'm really enjoying my time riding when ... more »

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Smith drop ins are not as bad as they seem, I tend to have my opposite foot forward so I know the pedal/crank will clear no problem. You've just really got to go for it.

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5'10, been riding 20.25TT but that's purely because it was a cheap starter. I'm upgrading to 21 but really I'm 20.75 - 21TT. Think you will notice 20.3 to be unsuitable very quickly.

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I never knew you could do this?! The wife is going to kill me.

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Research companies doing powder coating in your area, I'm waiting to get my frame back from there as we speak.. they've mixed up some candy blue with ruby flake in, looked amazing on photo so am praying it looks the nuts.

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Get yourself a cheap complete, I got a used Fit VH1 2014 edition and it's been perfectly fine. You could always snipe a cheap custom off t'bay but you will want to get a good idea of brands first before you do that. Completes from a reputable brand will ... more »

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Sorry I was implying what is the maximum tyre size I can use.

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G'day chaps, so I've bought a used Fiend Reynolds and Fiend forks but I need to get myself some new tyres. I've had my eye on these Cult Vans tyres but I'm unsure what tyre size to go for, how can I tell what's needed? Preferably bigger is better for ... more »

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Was debating this the other day, always wanted a T1 Barcode but got a good deal on a Fiend Reynolds which I found too hard to turn down. Truth is I only use my existing bike maybe once a week, it just isn't warranted for the amount of money I'd plough ... more »

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Looked awesome, seen a snip of it on Scotty Cs YT... got to say OBB is looking very good at the moment. And Van Homans over Ice.... beaut!

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Hi Guys, sorry to hijack thread.. bought some Eclat cranks off a friend but I need to order a new mid BB. I'm right in saying this is 19mm?

Sorry about my thumb :/
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Thanks mate I'll check them out.