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my bad

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I got the osiris ruckus and i hate the big red logo on the heel sooo much. Im 28 and i remember when skate shoes meant somethi.g!

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I ride coaster with no brakes lol on a

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Nice! hows the 23t feel? i goin fast soo i wanna go 28 but i think 25 is the max

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Any bike will fit u. really cant go wrong with the cool bikes these days.My saint xlt wheelies great, high bb makes fr easy jumps n ramp clearance. I got it cuz it was cheaper than building a sunday wave c. And the sunday model c is only half chromoly ... more »

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I put a pic if my 20inch to show the bottom bracket comparison ... more »
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... more »
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I love my Saint XLT just got the copper one n its soo sik! I put taller bars on it and i cant imagine it any other way(im 5ft8in). The raised bottom bracket makes it effortless to bunnyhop. Im loving these sweet revolver rims im 220lbs jumpin three stairs ... more »