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Nah I wouldn't hit my head, the bridge looks lower than it is cause I took the pic from high up, and I'd only be making 2-4 foot jumps so it won't be a problem. I like the DIY idea; which side are you talking about to clear the dirt from (looking at ... more »

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Looks nice, especially since it's only 2 blocks from your house

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Living in a mostly suburban area, there are almost no spots around me, and as I don't have a car I can't drive to any spots far away or to the nearest skatepark, there is pretty much nothing to ride. I found a spot under a bridge that has a lot of dirt,

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Looks sick, I would get one but I don't have the dough and can't double peg yet lol

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Looks nice.

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What 2 companies (frame/part) would you choose to be sponsored by and why? I would go with BSD and Odyssey. BSD and Odyssey both make nice, strong stuff, and with lots of different parts to choose from I could get the most dialed setup possible for my ... more »

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Quadrant is definitely not in the top 5; it has a pinned seam (Even if quadruple pinned it still isn't in the top 5). Are you forgetting about G-Sport rims?

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Get a freecoaster. A cassette isn't going to be anywhere near completely silent.

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I would get the fit. The united might be too big for you, and the longer chainstays will make it a lot less responsive and it will feel sluggish. However, the fit's shorter chainstays will make it less stable in the air, so if you plan to ride really ... more »

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Clothes A bike stand Money

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Murruh Christmus.

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Clear pads are meant for colored rim so that the paint doesn't wear off when you break. Use regular pads on chrome.

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This. Just ride the bike and replace parts as they break. There's no point in getting awesome forks and cranks if the stock ones aren't broken.

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Awesome! I feel like you probably could've used the coaster a bit more (coaster tricks/lines and such) but that's just me.

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What eskimo said, kink has better specs though

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My names Ryan, 14 years old and 8th grade. 6 foot and 130 lbs I got my bike around 8 months ago, but after a month it got stolen. Luckily I got it back cause the dumbshit who stole it posted pictures of it on social media. My bike is a Fit BF 2 with ... more »

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Tree lite is good.

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Triple 8 Brainsaver is comfy and looks nice.

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Hello, I'll start off by saying that I recently got a BSD Front Street Pro Hub laced to a Sun Big City Rim. I have a few questions. First off all, I want to run a peg on it. Will a GLAND work, or should I get a chromoly front hub guard? (I already have ... more »

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