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djmawn2 5/3/2008 10:03 AM

what type of haro frame is that and were you at taunton last night cuz i saw a kid with that same lookin bike i think

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djmawn2 4/29/2008 12:49 PM

well i could get it professionally painted but idn i kinda wanna sell the hole bike cuz i wanna build up a new one and i wouldnt have enough money to get the frame i want if i sell it

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djmawn2 4/28/2008 5:40 PM

its raw but i was gonna get it painted what color would you want it couse its an ugly ass raw

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djmawn2 4/28/2008 12:32 PM

wait or do you just want the frame

and nice video

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djmawn2 4/28/2008 12:12 PM

ya its not wat it looks like now it has a new red fly rim i just got 2 days ago with demolition hub and shadow spokes and i rawed it but i can paint it if u want but id sell for like 500 cuz i got a new stem and stuff for it 2 and a duo rough status seat and red edwins

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Josh Perry 11/25/2007 6:43 AM

i love you

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