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Does anyone think there should me an app for vital bmx? like instagram for bmxers like google(you can ask it anything and it will give you an answer) for bmx like youtube for bmx etc...

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How old?

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Phase two is a lower end scooter company and they only make scooter parts. dont ask how i know haha

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How do people hear about competitions for beginners to pros? i follow a lot of bmx brands and pros on instagram and youtube, but dont hear about them. Always thanks for the help

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no i do not

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Hi I broke one of my cranks on my Fly Proton 2014 LHD and i don't know what crank i can buy that will fit. I don't want to have to buy 2 cranks and the axle thing because its expensive. I need 1 crank that is the same size as the ones i have now that ... more »

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I have a Fly Proton and dont know what pegs i can use on it... the pegs that i have dont fit

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fly proton

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can any pegs fit on any bike?

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I have had my bike for about 3 months and something on my bike squeaks whenever i pedal and i think its my cranks but not sure How do i fix it?

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Whats the oldest you could be to start riding and get somewhere in this sport?

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ill work on it... thanks for the tips

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yeah i can but i can get better at it.... thanks for the tip

Started new thread being scared 3/19/2014 4:21 PM

im too scared to try news tricks... like even attempt them... any tips on growing balls haha

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What are good parts for LHD like i have an RHD bike and need to switch it so what parts would be good?

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i have a fit tech 2.5 and i need a bike with 21' long frame and big bars for around $500 (Im 6ft tall and mainly ride park)

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i have a bike atm and i feel more comfortable grinding on the right side... i need a bigger bike but i was gonna start by getting new bars and stem to make it alittle bigger and i need new tires and some spokes.

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If I'm right foot forward do i need an Left Hand Drive bike so i dont break my chain when grinding?... Can any bike be changed to LHD? and if not what are good LHD bikes

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try and stretch is and do light work outs to gain some muscle back

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so get a new bike with all that stuff?