Started new thread Dogs at the skatepark? 8/27/2019 5:59 AM

Do you bring your dog to the skatepark? My local is pretty quiet during the day so I just let my dog run around with me.

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Added reply in a thread Cheapest way to turn cassette hub to fixed hub? 8/27/2019 5:32 AM

This wouldn't work. It would be just like riding chainless. Have you tried flipping half of the driving pins? Some hubs allow the pins to be switched around so that it can convert from LHD to RHD or visa versa. If you have half the pins in RHD mode and ... more »

Started new thread SA, Mawson Lakes area 8/26/2019 5:47 AM

Anyone know some spots around this area? I've been driving 15 min to regency and prospect but was hoping to find something a bit closer or within riding distance.

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Added reply in a thread Nigel Sylvester: Is Nigel good or bad for the sport? What do you think? 8/25/2019 5:39 PM

What did he do to be bad for the sport?

Added reply in a thread Buying a new bike!! 8/25/2019 12:46 AM

You kinda need the short cranks if you have a short chainstay otherwise you hit your foot too much on the back pegs. The division sourwood is nice as well. fairly cheaper where I am then other bikes of the same quality.

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The WTP battleship is pretty nice. Has short cranks and chainstay just how I like em.

Started new thread Maxxis Ultralight tubes 8/23/2019 12:05 AM

Anyone put one of these in a 2.4" tire? My shop has 20X1.90/2.125 ones in stock but would it survive the stretch?

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