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Isn't there a warranty on those?

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I have a KHE Reverse ACB in 48H LHD but it needs a new clutch because it will only engage once in a while. I could let it go for like $25 and shipping if you know how to work on it. New clutches are like $15 or so from DansComp.

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its all about the benjamins baby

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I think the name writes itself "Treecoaster freecoaster"

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Hmm, I guess they only make ledges out of marble in Australia.

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It's just a chain - a 510hx or clone will last you indefinitely if you set it up properly. If you want to pay more for a premium chain, just do it but be aware that many people have broken them so nothing is perfect.

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Just don't get the Merritt guard if your hub flange is especially large. It doesn't fit a marmoset.

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It really wouldn't be worth it IMO. A gland or hub specific guard would protect spokes better and give you more room to lock in a grind. But it should have no problem fitting on the axle with the 3/8" like biggybuggy said.

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Eh, the best clamping for your bars is going to come from your stem. While most issues with slipping bars are caused from user error, something that might help is choosing a stem that doesn't split the front plate in half so that there's more contact ... more »

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Can't really say much that hasn't been already said so I'll just chime in as another happy tall 20" rider. I'm 6' 1" and 180lbs and for doing more tippy tappy tricks and throwing the bike around a 20" is probably best. Personally I ride a 21" frame with ... more »

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Bikes definitely have the potential to do more damage to a ledge. A skateboard weighs like 8 pounds while the average bike is around 25. Also, pegs are made of steel which is a relatively hard metal and you can put a lot of force into one point of contact ... more »

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Love the all raw color scheme - probably my favorite bike of the thread.

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I guess it makes sense to be on the Adam LZ hate train since he's wildly successful and pretty arrogant which sometimes shows itself in controversial posts like what he said about DIG. But you guys might as well accept it because he's here to stay. He's ... more »

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Hmm, I never knew that it's been done before - I guess history just repeats itself. I won't be running this bar/stem combo because as you said, it's pretty unnecessary. I compared it 2Hip's Groovetech as an example of something that's nice in theory ... more »

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I ride Stolen Silencers and they last like other plastic pegs do... pretty short life if all you ride is rough unwaxed concrete but long if you avoid it. I definitely miss having steel at certain spots. Just choose a diameter and length that you like ... more »

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Yesss, /nightwalks/ are the best and even better when you bring the bike along.

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That's awesome that you guys are innovating and introducing something new that might be a little stronger just like Fit did with their 24mm cranks. I guess companies ran out of ways to change handlebar dimensions to make them bigger so you guys took ... more »

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haahahhaaha that's hilarious

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Like everyone's said, they slide way better than steel on just about every surface but don't last very long if you ride any rougher ledges. Also, they get closed in a lot easier after a lot of peg chinks since the metal core is so soft. They'll last ... more »

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I've seen some people ride rusty frames for a while or even rust it on purpose for god know's why. Unless you leave it to rust in the rain for a year, the strength of your bars probably isn't compromised at all and it's pretty normal to have a little ... more »