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if you had the banddaid on for a while its fine, or if you had it not breath for a while, its supose to happen but it should be fine if you washed it the day of the crash

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this video gives you information on him and watch him ride

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it should i have a fit faf 2.25 for my back tire its not too big so it should fit your fork

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In BMX does weight matter at all? Im not talking about the bike, im talking about the person. For example if a 90 pound kid with a 24 pound bike, could they do anything big? maybe like a 360, bunnyhop 180, or even a bunny hop barspin? just wondering. ... more »

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sabrosa skeletons are my favorite i reccomed them

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i ride odyssey aitken 2.25 in front its an awsome front tire, in back i ride an FAF fit tire 2.10. those two are are my favorite i ride street and park.

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when im biking at a park i jam my toe in to my rear tire. if im riding up to a street i just go into the grass and slow alittle, if im riding down a hill i just drag my feet if i wanted to slow down

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If you hated the frame so much you could of used it for a indoor bike, tramp bike, or water bike.

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I ride a pak, seems to work fine for all. I dont think it really matters for what you ride mostly style. But the the street fits are dope.

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wanted to see why other people rode brakeless

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i been practicing this for about 2-3weeks now and the farthest i got is just alittle bit over a 90. any help?

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my bike

what tires are those?

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i ride brakeless not for the weight but just for the style and you commit to stuff more also i cant stand fixing brakes if they break

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mine probally brad simms i wish i can bunny hop like him

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Im going next summer and i just wanted to know are you gonna learn tricks there? or ride all day every day with pros and friends

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